My Kid. He’s Kinda Funny.

Bennett had his “spring sing” this morning at preschool. It’s a cute little annual concert that has been a part of my springs for the last four years (and we’ll have next year off, and then there will be two more when Jack Henry is a student there). Bennett’s class, as the oldest, sang two songs and played handbells. Yes, their teachers teach them the beginnings of understanding how to read music…it’s an exceptional music program for a preschool.

After the concert, they parade through the hallways. Each class makes something different to walk through the halls carrying – some make flags, little streamers, etc. Bennett’s class made a smile on a stick that they carried in front of their mouths. I’ve seen these before, so I knew what to expect.

And thankfully, Bennett gave me a heads-up about what he’d done on his smile. Can you tell?

He gave himself two cavities (the red circles on his cheeks are from him “running around” he said)! Thankfully, he doesn’t even have any cavities. He was definitely the only kid who did this in the class, and when I asked him what his teachers said about it, he said they laughed when they saw it.

He’s so weird. And funny.

5 responses to “My Kid. He’s Kinda Funny.

  1. He’s awesome and unique and I’ll bet all his teachers going forward will love having a student with a great sense of humor. 🙂

  2. Wow. Those cavities are more pronounced than I was picturing. But without them, he would have blended in with all the other kids who had red spiky teeth. So, I get it.

  3. Thanks Bennett for the laugh! And Nicole – I love that you have your camera ready in the car for moments like these. I am lucky to get it out at home! Man I need to be better about that!

  4. That is a great picture!! He has such a good humor on him and a gentle spirit. It was fun having him over the other day. Your boys are so well behaved and so much fun!!!

  5. Andrea had me come & look at this over her shoulder last night–before I read it, she asked if I knew what that was on the teeth, and I immediately knew they were cavities! Who but Bennett . . . ? (BTW, I think I’ve had cavities that big–if drilling time & bills are any indication.)

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