Likes/Dislikes (Spring 2010 Edition)

Here’s last spring’s edition

*Chipotle. I am seriously in love with their burritos and more than that, their chips and guac. If you’ve never eaten there, find one now. Our local (closest to the new house) one is staffed by particularly friendly people, which makes me want to go there even more.

*Songs that make me think of summer. Particularly Matt Wertz’s “Everything’s Right” and Matt White’s “Best Days” (please note that this song is rated PG for mentioning nudity, drinking red wine and chain-smoking; thus you might need earmuffs for young ears). Oh, and Sugarland’s “County Line.” That song reminds me of Effingham/Ttown :).

*Fresh haircuts on the boys. Especially when they take self-portraits afterward. (Sidenote: there was MANIACAL laughter when Bennett was taking a picture of me cutting Luke’s hair, and I said something like, “Do NOT take a picture of my butt.” Which of course, made him come around behind me and literally take a picture of just that. Boys.)

*That the big boys finally have a functional bedroom, complete with 2 big chests of drawers and bunk beds. And that Bennett was not seriously injured on Saturday afternoon when he pulled one of the chests down on himself. Seriously, the fact that I had not finished unpacking in their room probably saved him from major damage being done…he landed on a large box with the dresser on top of him, but at least he wasn’t pinned to the floor. Scary. And the dressers are now mounted to the wall.

*The thought of our impending vacation. Oh! And I got a dress that I love and that didn’t totally break the bank. Score.

*Selling stuff on ebay,, and craigslist. It’s so nice to unload stuff we don’t need! Fingers crossed, it won’t rain next weekend when I have a garage sale with Matt’s mom at her house.

*Big flower rings. Can’t find a link I totally love, but something like this.

*Flip flops.

*Credit cards that pay you back.

*Taco Bell. And a glass of wine. Yes, they go together just fine, thank you.

*That my bedroom is all unpacked. There are no more boxes in the entire master suite! Huge accomplishment. I even cleaned our bathroom. There is a lot left to do in there, including curtains, hanging a mirror, painting the frame of a huge mirror orange (yay!), hanging pictures/artwork on the walls and painting a bathroom wall. Oh, and there’s that closet remodel I’d love to do someday. But that’s long-term. Take a look at the bed!

more on why that chair rail is still there in a future post.

curtain fabric!

*Two new books I’ve just started! More on those soon. I’m reading [brace yourselves] non-fiction for a change. It’s nice to see that my brain still works.


*Children waking in the middle of the night for various reasons: coughing, falling out of their beds, an arm that hurts (?)…

*The feeling that things will never totally be unpacked. Like our kids are going to someday be moving us to a retirement home, and they’re going to be opening up boxes that we never opened. Gah.

*People thinking my life is incomplete because I don’t have a daughter. For approximately the one jillionth time this morning, I told someone no, we aren’t trying for a girl. I said that while I had a wonderful relationship with my mom and that I would have been fine if one of my three children had been a girl, I haven’t ever really pined for a daughter. Her response was something to the effect of “yes, but girls will just stick with you longer.” Thank you for pointing out how meaningless and empty my life will be when my boys are grown.

*Swimsuit season. Well, I don’t hate summer. I guess I just hate swimsuits.

What are you liking/disliking right now??

14 responses to “Likes/Dislikes (Spring 2010 Edition)

  1. I love this post! The self portraits are hilarious 🙂
    The songs rock 🙂 I particularly love the Matt Wertz’s song since Luke M. is in the video.
    Likes: My Job. Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets(lol)(especially when I get them for $2 a pack!). Long conversations with old friends. Planning vacations and find the best deal.
    Dislikes: Not having my rearranging done, which in turn makes it hard for me to find the eBay stuff I need to list. Learning daily, that common sense isn’t so common anymore.

  2. *finding the best deal* Proofread Hayley Proofread.

  3. Love the post. I will have to come up with likes and dislikes. Also, if you ever want to just borrow a girl, I know of one that you can borrow every so often:)

  4. cute post – right now my disklike – is dreary monday mornings @ work after a busy weekend. (YAWN)

  5. The house is looking great! I really like the bedroom curtain material.

    Biggest Like of the Moment- The fact that I have the day off today to spend w/ my 2 boys 🙂

    Dislike – It’s cold and dreary outside.

  6. Are you going to make your own curtains? I thought I remembered that you don’t sew?

    Like: Jessica’s semester will be over at the end of the week and then she’ll be back home!

    Dislike: This stupid Bobcat with the pile-driver that is on our court this morning. They are preparing to repave some of the subdivision streets and ours is first! So he’s driving around and slamming that tool down onto the concrete. A bunch of little boys would totally love what is about to take place here over the next couple weeks but Rebecca and I are NOT loving it. And I’m really not going to love where I’ll have to park my car during this process).

  7. Your bedroom is looking great, even though it’s not entirely done! And I know you don’t love chair rails, but I do!\

    LOVE your new gown–you did great! Can’t wait to see you & Matt all dolled up at the big event!

    *DISLIKE prepping for garage sales but LIKE the actual day itself (unless the forecast calls for rain, which it does).
    *DISLIKE figuring out what to fix for meals. You’d think I’d have come to peace w/ this after almost 39 yrs. of marriage, but I still hate it. Hate the annoyance of never having the right stuff on hand for what I’m in the mood for.

    *LOVE spring in general–even w/ the up & down, unpredictable weather.
    *Have to steal your flip-flop LIKE. I LOVE sandals in general & flip-flops in particular.
    *LOVE capris, and once I start wearing them, I rarely revert to long slacks again. Capris are good to every figure type!
    *LOVE my stack of books I’m working on. Currently reading Driftwood Summer by Patti Callahan Henry. Just finished The Help by Kathryn Stockett (excellent).
    *LOVE the new perennials I’ve just bought for around our new deck. Being a complete novice w/ perennials, I’m excited by the hope that these plants/flowers may actually survive and thrive year after year!

  8. dislike–That my house STILL looks like an episode of “Hoarders” in my bedroom and spare rooms. :\

    I can’t believe that people make those comments about girls. Seriously?

    I wish I could forward you all the Christmas cards from my friend Luke’s parents (Luke from Club C?). They have three boys (now all grown up but the same ages differences of your boys), and they could not be closer to their mom. Pfft. Best. Family. Ever.

  9. I LOVE your MBr. Alot. And HATE that woman that gave you crap about not having a daughter. Lump that one with “cluelessness,” I guess.

  10. Oh yeah, I meant to comment on the “no daughter” bit. Your family is perfect the way it is–sheesh!!!! I think your boys will always be close to you & Matt, and I PRAY that they find wives that fit into your family as well as you’ve fit into ours! 🙂

  11. Girls “stick with you” longer? Who were you talking to? Laura Ingalls Wilder?

  12. Many days I’d trade my 3 girls in for boys. Who needs this drama?!

    HATE that my mom and dad are in Indiana
    dislike: that most of my mulch is now in my neighbor’s yard
    dislike washing sheets of a wet bed grr
    dislike the sloppy feet tracking through the house
    dislike the homework we get even when its nice out and we’d like to stay outside playing until 9.

    love the bright green color of my jungle-like grass
    love the plants that are making my yard beautiful!
    love the cool breeze
    love capris, flip flops, sundresses, tank tops, camis and toe rings
    love that its nearly pool time (not for the swimsuits) but for the relaxation of chilling in a chair while watching my kids swimming with their friends.
    Love my friendships. God has truly blessed me 😉

  13. I like that our old house FINALLY has a contract on it.

    I dislike that my house is still full of boxes and we moved over two months ago…I am totally jealous of your motivation and organizational skills. I think we’re going to have to put all the unopened boxes out at our town garage sale next Spring. If it hasn’t been opened since the move, we don’t need it… we could even pay people to take the stuff from us to save us from ourselves. A reverse garage sale, if you will 😛

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