“I Dude It Mine Self.”

So he doesn’t really mean “dude” when he says it, but that’s what it sounds like sometimes when he says “do.”

Jack Henry has definitely entered the independent stage. It’s partially making me nuts because I’m afraid he’s going to injure himself, partially making me sad because my baby is so old, and partially making me laugh because this little stinker means business.

I hear “SELF!” when trying to help him get out of the van, or “I do it!” when trying to buckle him up. He practically puts himself to bed every night. We hold him up so he can start his music, let him turn off the light, and then he has to close the door. He will allow you stay in the room while he closes the door so that you can tuck him in (and then he’s OK with you closing the door as you leave) but I think he prefers to just say goodnight at the door and go cover himself up. This is not to say that he isn’t affectionate or loving, because he really is. But he is eager to prove that he’s a big boy.

Over the weekend I caught him like this:

Like any good mother, I told him to be still, ran and got the camera, took a couple of pictures, and then told him to never try to do this again. For the record, he really wanted a cup of water. With ice (thank goodness our new fridge has an ice crusher).

7 responses to ““I Dude It Mine Self.”

  1. “ME DO IT!” – is pretty much all I hear from Katie it seems – oh yeah and “tarry me”….. little miss independent still likes to hitch a ride as much as possible.

  2. he just wants to do what the big boys do. so cute.

  3. Those felt pieces on the bottoms of the chair legs make them way too easy to slide over to the kitchen! šŸ™‚ This is just TOO cute! Love his bedtime routine!

  4. The positive word for this is “resourceful.” He goes after what he wants – I like that!

  5. Sooooooooooo love the fact that you do the whole…Hold still while I go get my camera!!!!!! Ohhhhhh and try not to injury yourself šŸ™‚ I do the same thing!

  6. The bedtime piece is so stinking cute! . . . oh, and the fact that you told him to stay still while you grab the camera is amazing! šŸ˜€

  7. Consider this budding independence as a positive sign that he won’t still be living with his parents when he’s 35. šŸ™‚

    I seriously love his bedtime ritual. šŸ˜€

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