It’s Never Too Late to: Officially Wish Your Kid a Happy 5th Birthday on the Blog

Do you ever feel like you’re totally screwing up your kids? No? That’s just me. Great.

Why is it always the middle child that’s getting the short end of the stick?

In my head, I knew that all of our moving plans were really close to Bennett’s birthday, and that didn’t seem like a huge deal (our official moving day was the day before his birthday). Until it got here, and I realized that his birthday was almost completely lost in the shuffle, though we did go out for dinner (his choice was CPK, which made his mama so happy) and give him presents that day (cake happened at the party in Effingham a couple of days prior). Ugh.

So to Bennett I say this: sweet boy, this last year has been full of changes for you, most of them for the better. You have really matured over the last year, to the point that a lot of the behavior issues of the past are just that: a part of your past. You’re fun to be around, funny to listen to, and a great brother and cousin. Will adores you (and honestly, I think seeks you out of the 3 boys when you’re all around) and Jack Henry is really starting to see you as his buddy. You try so hard to be like Luke and do what he does, but I think you are starting to get that doing your own thing is OK, too.

I have to confess, I’m a little nervous about kindergarten next year. I know that eventually you’ll settle in and do fine, but to say you are nervous about it is an understatement. The school building feels new and unfamiliar, which definitely brings out the introvert in you. Sidenote: I’ve long been thankful that there IS an introvert in you, because at age 3, I was concerned that the preschool might be calling me with wild tales of misbehavior, but that never happened. Introvert Bennett shows up for school most of the time. I hate that it feels like you going off to kindergarten snuck up on me, but it has. I can’t even imagine watching you climb on that bus next fall. At least your brother will be there with you!

And I know you’re ready for school. Just wait until your kindergarten teacher hears you sound out words! Don’t tell Luke, but you’re even further along with reading than he was at 5.

A couple of weeks ago, you came up to me and said, for no apparent reason, “You are the greatest mom around.” I picked you up, hugged you, and said, “What makes you say that?” You answered, “Well, I’m kind of KIND OF one of the greatest boys around.” That you are, my dear.

Happy birthday, and even though it’s late, it doesn’t mean that I love you any less.


(3rd birthday here, and 4th birthday here)

These pictures capture his personality so well!

8 responses to “It’s Never Too Late to: Officially Wish Your Kid a Happy 5th Birthday on the Blog

  1. awww….it looks like he had a great birthday!

  2. So sweet. Literally brought a tear to my eye.

  3. Bennett is definitely the corker of the three! With his soft, anxious, tender side, his bulldozer side, his hilarious side, his wierd quirks side–you just never know what that boy’s gonna do or say! I love him for being in the middle of 2 brothers–like I was in the middle of 2 sisters! Can’t believe he’s half a decade! 🙂

    You’re excused from being punctual on this one; it was quite a week! He had a good b.d.–from his red cake/orange frosting per his request to his real day in the new house & out to eat w/ the fam–so he’s good to go, and I’m glad I got to be there through most of it!

  4. Hey, I’m way behind on my middle child’s bday post too… maybe next week. Happy late bday, Bennett!

  5. Awwww. Happy Birthday Bennett! The fact that the second one is a whole handful is just a little freaky.

  6. Very cute. I love his quote. 🙂 Love your kids!

  7. love that kiddo! sweet post, nicole!

  8. aww Happy Birthday, Bennett!! what does it mean when you don’t make ANY birthday posts?

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