Like Riding a Bike

This weekend was so much fun, I have to recap!

On Friday afternoon Jack Henry and I took off for Effingham, leaving Matt and the other boys behind for what was supposed to be a full weekend of baseball games, shopping for my Mother’s Day gift, a school art fair, and 2 birthday parties. All of the games were rained out, so they had plenty of time for the rest of their activities!

Jack and I were in Effingham for our garage sale with Matt’s family. I was primarily getting rid of the boys’ outgrown clothes, some old toys, and household items. We were crazy-busy for several hours on Saturday morning, and I was shocked to discover that I’d made $700!! Way better than expected.

The other fun thing I did, though, was go in and work a short shift at Homewood Grill with my sister. It was prom weekend, which traditionally means that my former boss is short-staffed, so I volunteered to work, thinking it would just be cool to try my hand at working my old job. Unfortunately, it was rainy, so we didn’t have a ton of customers. But I still got to make lots of things I made by the thousand during the summers of my youth.

It was just mind-blowing to me that after all these years (10 since I’ve worked a shift), I’ve still got it! Apparently one never loses the ability to feel what a small/medium/large cone should weigh (we have a scale to double-check so that the product is consistent, and I was just shocked that I was able to make them the right size right off the bat!). I made banana splits and upside-down banana splits and shake-n-mores (think blizzard or concrete) and sundaes like I’d just done it the day before. There was one shake-n-more that I struggled to remember the ingredients for, but it’s a gross one anyway, so I didn’t think that was much of a loss (Tropical Delite for my HWG girls!).

It’s reassuring that even though I can’t remember my children’s names or birthdates, I can still put together a mean raspberry freeze.

My facebook status prompted some old HWG girls to suggest that we do an “old school” weekend and have our boss bring back all of us who have retired from HWG for a weekend of shifts. I’d be there in a heartbeat. The flashbacks were coming fast and furious while I was working, and I’d love to relive some moments with those girls who were such a huge part of my high school and college springs/summers/falls.

Hayley was the photographer for my little adventure…


dipping some homemade ice cream.

waiting on a customer, at the window where i got engaged!!

PS…Jan commented that she didn’t think I’d blogged the story of Matt’s and my engagement, and I did a search and can’t find it, either! I’ll have to write it up sometime soon. In the meantime, you can read the story of how we met if you’re interested.

11 responses to “Like Riding a Bike

  1. Have you blogged your engagement story? Matt proposed to you through the HWG order window?

  2. You should have mentioned you were working a shift – the girls and I were hard up for something to do Saturday night and ended up at McDonalds for ice cream – we could have made the drive over and had some treats made by you!! 🙂

    Looks like it was good weekend – i am still blown away that you made that much at your sale!!

  3. WHOA! This is great encouragement for me. I told Jeremy we HAVE to have a garage sale when he gets home. I’m hoping your story inspires him. He did mention that he saw your earnings on FB….thanks for helping me out babe!

    Hey so…how is the house stuff coming?

  4. I’m so moving to IL, not really but you know what I mean!. I’ve NEVER heard of making that much at a sale! So awesome!! Now, what will you buy?

    So fun to get to work there again!! You look super cute!!!

  5. I can’t believe you worked at Homewood! That is great! I always wondered if it would all come back if I went in there! I’m glad to hear that it did for you. 🙂

  6. Seriously, you look 18 again. 🙂

  7. that would be fun – even more so b/c you got to do it w/ your sister. i want to hear the engagement story too.

  8. Fun! I can’t remember all the details of the engagement either. . .

    Congrats on your garage sale score! 🙂

  9. Um, hello! You could pass for a high schooler in those pics! What the heck? I’m loving the hair!

  10. seriously…what a fun, fun weekend. if i would have remembered you would have been working i would have sent lindsey over with adali…she might be a bit addicted to the eyes they put on the cones.

    so happy your sale was so successful too! still amazed with how much you made.

  11. I just read your how we met story. So cute!! Now I can’t wait for the engagement story!!

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