Yesterday was one of those days that didn’t go according to plan, and that’s not a bad thing!

After dropping Bennett off at school, Jack Henry and I ran a couple of errands. One of them was to Kohl’s, where I tried on a couple of things, and Jack Henry announced loudly to the dressing room the color of my undergarments and that he could see my b oobs. Nice. No more trips to the dressing room with him.

My friend Ginger called and asked if she could pick B up from preschool with her son, Adam, and take him for lunch and some playtime at the park. Absolutely! She then texted and asked if B could stay and play for the afternoon. Um, YES!

So JH and I went home, and I baked a batch of cinnamon rolls, many of which were distributed as thank yous for people who helped with the move or when my car was broken down. While JH napped, I dusted my living room, which I needed to do so that I could start unpacking boxes of picture frames and photo albums and other stuff for the built-ins beside the fireplace which are still empty. I was totally on a roll; my plans for the evening were to put the kids to bed and then finish the living room.

However, a perennial plant sale changed all that. Some lady was selling plants that she’d grown from shoots of her own plants, and what she had reportedly does well in shade, so I bought 7 plants – and she told me to get them in the ground as soon as possible. I talked the kids into a trip to Lowe’s for some topsoil and a stop by Domino’s for a large cheese pizza ($7!) in exchange for their help with our planting project (Matt was gone last night, so he missed all the fun).

I have to admit that the boys were actually helpful. This planter box, which is in bad shape and will need to be replaced at some point in the future, was full of rocks all mixed in with the dirt (seriously, what is WITH our propensity to buy houses where the previous owners mixed rocks in with their soil?). The boys weeded it and then started pulling rocks out of the dirt. Of course, there were also lots of worms, which they were all totally pumped about. Even Jack Henry, who initially called the worm a seahorse, was picking them up on his shovel and moving them to “new homes.”

quick pizza dinner before getting to work

before...(well, the weeding was already done at this point)

hard at work.

digging up worms!

i am happy to report that the deer did not eat my hostas last night! good news. i'm not sure which of these plants they'll chow down on...

6 responses to “Productive

  1. Nice! The boys will feel so proud of their part in all that too!

    I’m impressed that JH knows “seahorse”.

  2. Awesome day!! LIke the lilly of the valley… 🙂 By the way – after doing some further reading for my own needs…. blog post coming soon…… i found that lilly of the valley will spread and possibly take over things – I have always had a “lush” supply of them to begin with and have not noticed this spreading in my own instances – but thought I would mention it…. so might want to keep an eye on it!
    I don’t think you have posted pics of your yard yet – looks nice and spacious!!
    Enjoy your new plants!!

  3. I love lily of the valley; I never see it anywhere. Your project looks great! If everything lives, you’ll no doubt have to spread things out to other areas.

    Our perennials are still in the pots; I’m just watering them every couple days. Just no time to get them in the ground yet, but I’m hoping for this wkend! Especially since rain is coming next week. Good for plants–not so good for me coming to St. Louis. 😦

  4. This was an awesome day! BUT…organizing stuff on a built-in bookshelf? SO FUN! I’d do it tonight..

  5. The comment of JH in the dressing room had me rolling!! The plants do look good–my Lily of the Valley does spread–but not very aggressively at all, barly noticible from year to year. I could hire the three of them to weed for me–ours are bad!

  6. FUN! You have inspired me to head to Home Depot to start my herbs I was planning to get in the ground! THANKS!

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