I hate that that word sums up my feelings about Mother’s Day, but it’s the truth. And I assume it will be for the rest of my life to some degree. Mother’s Day without your own mom just plain sucks.


I am also a mother to three amazing little boys who have showered me with love and sweet gifts these last couple of days. The Mother’s Day Tea at Bennett’s school was adorable. Like the cutest thing ever, what with homemade corsages and being escorted to my chair for the presentation by my little man, and him serving me cookies and punch and giving me a little gift. I’m too tired to scan in the copy of what he made, but here is the paragraph he dictated to his teacher about me alongside a very rough drawing:

This is my mom Nicole. She has brown hair and sometimes yellow. [HAHAHA] She is tall but not taller than my dad. I like to play games with my mom. Sometimes we watch TV together. She works in the office at our house. My mom likes to eat salad and soup and she drinks mostly water. If she could pick one favorite thing to do it would be shopping. Sometimes I go shopping with her and my other two brothers. At night she reads me stories and tucks me into bed. Dad does too sometimes. My mom loves me a lot. I love her A LOT!! When I look at my mom I smile.

Awe.Some. Plus, Bennett told me that on Sunday, I should just stay in bed and rest and sleep and they will bring me everything I need. How sweet is that? Totally not going to happen, but sweet.

Luke wrote the following acrostic poem for me (MY MOM):
You are great!
Making good food.
Me and you are great together!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom friends and family!

12 responses to “Bittersweet

  1. Awww super sweet boys!!

  2. My favorite part of Bennett’s note: “When I look at my mom I smile.” 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day to an awesome mom!

  3. I’d be so proud if my kids wrote that I usually ate salads, soup, & water!

    I know you are thinking of your mom today–memories through the years and the realization of what she is missing. That will never go away, but neither will your love & gratefulness for who she was.

    See you tonight!

  4. Happy Mothers Day Nicole!

  5. what a sweet little man! happy mother’s day!

  6. Those are great! I have been thinking of my friend, Lori all week… and her kids.

  7. It’s ok…I have yellow and brown hair too according to my children. Happy Mother’s Day!

  8. Man! That is sweet.

  9. sniffle, sniffle…that is so sweet! What precious boys!

  10. Your boys are so cute!

    I’m so glad that all of Bennett’s things about you were so nice. I will never forget when my brother Bryan was 3 years old and did a similar activity for father’s day at daycare. My dad opened it and read it aloud, “I like my dad. He likes spicy stuff. He tortures me.” We laughed SOOOOO hard and pondered how long it would take DCFS to arrive.

    Needless to say, we promptly stopped saying “I’m going to torture you!!!” every time we tickled him. :o)

  11. Happy Mother’s Day to one great mama. Much love.

  12. Your posts about missing your mom always remind me that I should call mine. It sucks that you have to have such bittersweet feelings on Mother’s Day, but those boys are about as cute as they come.

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