Luke’s front teeth have been wiggly for a long time (and he lost his bottom front teeth last fall), but the week before Matt and I left for California, one of them got really loose.  He even asked his friend Jackson’s mom, Mara, to try to pull it for him at school one day (I don’t understand this, but she likes to pull teeth). She got it really loose, but it hurt a bit when she tried to pull it so Luke just left it alone for a few days after that.

Finally, while we were away, he pulled it himself! And promptly announced to Nana Jo, who was staying with the boys, that the tooth fairy brings $5 if you pull your own tooth. She called us to see if this was true (so glad she did – that is not a precedent we could keep up with!) and I assured her that I’d already talked to Luke about how the tooth fairy brings $2 for your first tooth and $1 for each thereafter regardless of who pulled it (he’d already mentioned the $5 thing to me).

Here he is the week before it came out:

And here he is now! Looks so different and funny. I laugh several times a day when he smiles at me. These pictures were taken on Saturday at the Heart Walk, where it poured on us the entire time and we were all drenched.

5 responses to “Toothless

  1. OMGosh… that first picture… That would’ve bugged me, & I would have yanked it out. My mom liked pulling our teeth & I guess it’s passed on to me now. My two older kids have lost 19 teeth between them! We loose ’em young around here.

  2. I’m shocked he was willing to let Mara try to pull it! He freaked when I asked if he’d like Ron or I to try! (Of course, that was when it was bleeding a little–right before he actually got it out–and he was crying, thinking he was surely going to hemorrhage!) 😦

  3. Wait to the new one comes in and looks WAY too big for his mouth! It’s so cute!

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha! This is so cute! You and the Stuarts have a high-rollin’ tooth fairy though. Have you done the math on how much you’ll be doling out with 3 boys? HE he he he he he…This sounds like a fun stage.

  5. That is funny. Sloan lost his fifth tooth today with the sixth wiggly. Three of the permanent teeth are peeking through, but from a distance he now looks like a toothless old man. It’s, um, hilarious. And Tiffany, we have lowered the standards to $1 now. The Tooth Fairy brings $3 for the front teeth and a dollar past that. Still a little steep, yes, but given that they don’t all fall out at once, not so bad. 🙂

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