Laguna Beach, Part 2

Tuesday evening was our big formal event, the one I’d been stressing over in regards to what to wear. I finally did find a dress I loved, but I was a bit nervous about the potential for a wardrobe malfunction, and spent too much of the evening worrying about whether the tape was working appropriately. So in that regard, when I look back at the pictures, I’m a little frustrated with myself for not having better posture that evening and just not worrying about everything (I forgot that a dress looks far more revealing when you’re looking down at yourself as opposed to when someone is looking at you).

Matt’s wardrobe that night will get its own post in the very near future. It’s a story I want our children and grandchildren to read someday.

All of that aside, I was so proud of my husband that night. Being at the banquet made me realize what a big deal this really was, and I really enjoyed listening to the CEO speak and recognize his high-performers. Because you know what happens when you don’t recognize them (and you’re a for-profit company capable of doing something like this week)? They leave, and go somewhere else where they are appreciated for their efforts.

I don’t have the picture of Matt getting his award (the guy who took our “prom pictures” beforehand photographed everyone getting them) but here are our snapshots from the night:

ali and me, under the heat lamp again. though it wasn't nearly as cold this night.

after the awards ceremony

please ignore my wrinkly hands and focus on this cute ring i found to wear that night!

Wednesday was the perfect “vacation” day. We ate early, and then Matt headed off to golf. I had the luxury of a 9am massage, so I just laid in bed and read a book, got my massage, sat in the hot tub, went back to my room and read and watched tv from the most amazing bed on earth, brought my lunch up to my balcony and ate a nice, quiet meal while watching the ocean, and then headed to the pool for a few hours. Glorious. Especially because I followed all of that up with a nap and then a trip to the Ritz to meet with a big group of bankers who were there for a meeting, and we had dinner and drinks with some current and former coworkers of Matt’s. Oh, Matt did come back mid-afternoon, but by then I was sleeping.

ever doubted the efficacy of sunscreen? when applied appropriately, it IS your friend. a week later and i still have funky marks.

sunset from the balcony at the ritz

the last self-portrait of the trip!

Thursday morning, several other St. Louisans had an early flight back, but we did not…our flight didn’t leave until 3:30 CA time, but we had to be checked out of our room by noon. Honestly, that morning was just a real bummer. Vacation is over, but you can’t leave yet…I would have preferred to just get up and leave, I think. We did get one more walk on the beach and a lunch at a yummy, all-organic Mexican restaurant before heading to the airport. I can’t believe it was a week ago already…

here's matt at around 11:00pm in the dallas-fort worth airport, where were were delayed for an hour and 20 minutes...not THAT big of a deal, but crappy when it's already so late...

So there you have it! An amazing trip that I’m so thankful we were able to take!

7 responses to “Laguna Beach, Part 2

  1. I have lots of good pics of you & Matt thru the yrs, but the one of you guys at the awards ceremony may be the very best . . . w/ the one from the balconey at the Ritz a close 2nd!!

  2. way to go, matthew! LOVE the ring, nicole!

  3. Still Jealous here!! 🙂 Looks WONDERFUL! Glad for you guys and congrats to Matt!!!

  4. Can’t wait to read the post on Matt’s wardrobe….sounds interesting!!!! You looked beautiful, Nicole…..BE PROUD and show it off!

  5. You are so gorgeous Nicole! I need some shopping tips from you. I’m headed to Maui and we have a formal Ball when Jeremy gets back from Afghanistan. Serious shopping awaits!

  6. Beautiful pics! Love the sunset one. I can totally relate to the vacations blues…I felt like that on our last day! Glad you guys had a great time!

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