PSA: Wallpaper

Always happy to help, I’m serving up another public service announcement that could be slightly incoherent due to my extreme tiredness and the fact that I just completed the worst job ever.

Wallpaper paste removal.

There are many, many amazing wallpapers on the market right now. Do not fall victim to their beauty. It is deceiving.

Our main floor bathroom had wallpaper that just stripped right off the walls with no effort at all, but of course, that meant that the paste was left and had to be removed before repairing the wall and then priming and painting it.

Have I mentioned we have 9′ ceilings?

I did all of the removal up to about 6′ a couple of weeks ago, and then took a break, and decided tonight to finish it up. Because I was stuck in a tiny bathroom with little ventilation, getting up and down a ladder, I had a lot of time to think about things. My thoughts turned to things that suck. And even though I don’t like whiny, “my life is so crappy” when it really isn’t posts, I’m going to list these things, because there is a point. I think.

1. It sucks that I’m going to be a hunchback when this project is over.

2. It sucks that it takes forever to get things done around a house when you’re parenting all day long (they are a blessing, don’t get me wrong).

3. It sucks that my mom is gone and missing out on all of this amazing stuff with our family.

And THAT thought brought me to a funny story about my mom…she did not have a potty mouth, and didn’t much appreciate my love for the word “sucks.” However, after several years, she came to accept that it’s not the worst thing I could say (and for the record, I say it much less than I used to…little ears are listening). When I was in labor with Luke, my parents (and Matt’s) got to the hospital before Luke was born. My mom walked into the room while I was having a bad contraction before I’d gotten my epidural, and said something like, “How are you doing, honey?”

And I, of course, responded with, “This sucks!”

My mom replied, “I told your dad in the car on the way over here that I bet she just keeps saying ‘This sucks!’ when she’s having a contraction!”



Storytime is over. Back to the PSA. Wallpaper. It sucks. Don’t ever forget it.

10 responses to “PSA: Wallpaper

  1. I totally know what you mean about missing your Mom. I lost my Mom to cancer 4 years ago and then my Dad 1.5 years ago. But the memories will always stay with you. My Mom was the interior decorator of the house, but when it came to wall paper removal or putting up wall paper, Dad and I would help in the beginning and when we would sense her aggravation and some swearing coming, we would head to the garage to work in there. She was definitely a perfectionist and you know sometimes she just needed to work alone! 🙂

  2. Got a chuckle out of the Arlene story! 🙂

    I don’t care–I still love wallpaper, and it is paining me that I’m s-l-o-w-l-y caving in to the anti-wallpaper movement and removing it from my bedrooms & bathrooms. In fact, it’s happening so slowly that I’m hearing/reading that wallpaper is coming back. At any rate, it will probably never come off my kitchen/dining walls because (1) I really like the pattern even though most people no doubt think it looks terribly dated, and (2) it will be hideous to remove and will leave ripped-off wallboard.

    With that said, I feel your pain. There’s almost nothing I haven’t experienced with applying AND removing wallpaper, glue, etc., and you can rest assured I said more than “This sucks!” 🙂

  3. So funny how much your mom knew what you were thinking! Contractions totally suck! LOL!

    Stories of happy memories of your mom will help keep her alive in your heart…as well as everyone elses.

    Can’t wait to see the final bathroom pics!

  4. I bet putting it up sucks just as bad. I don’t ever want it in my house. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  5. I said the exact same thing to my doctor when I was laboring with Tia. I came out of a heavy contraction and looked at him and said, “This sucks.”

    “That’s putting it mildly, I hear,” he replied. Good man…

  6. Oh, Nicole, that story is priceless. And my bathroom wallpaper is still fully in tact on the wall. Because I already knew that it sucks.

  7. Great story about your mom!!
    The wallpaper removal does suck. I will never put it up in my house either for the same reason!

    HOpe by now the process is done!!!

  8. I have actually not purchased several homes due to the wallpaper. Sounds extreme, but after my first house had a ton and was not prepped well, taking chunks of the wall with it when I removed it. . . and my 2nd house had some. . . I REFUSED to do it anymore!!! 😐

  9. I really liked that story in combination with the next post on your favorite line from Friend’s pilot episode. Sucks is a fun word…it just sounds so much worse coming out of the mouth of a child somehow….

  10. Too funny! Yep, no potty mouth on your Mom! I miss her, too.

    The house we are looking at has a 1/2 bath full of wallpaper I don’t necessarily care for. Now I’m scared.

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