For not having a real agenda this weekend, it turned out to be a full one!

::For me, the weekend felt like it started on Wednesday after Luke was out of school. That night, Matt and I decided to put our family pictures up on the wall in the office (we’d made this plan a long time ago, and bought the pictures and frames and just hadn’t done the work yet). It was a long, imperfect process, but we love the result! We used the pictures that Sonya took of our family last fall. And now that she and her family are moving to StL, it will be easier to get new pictures done someday!

this was like a game of tetris, figuring out on the floor first how the pictures would go on the wall, and then getting everything measured out. really time-consuming.


::My side of the family minus the Zach Pals family (boo – they had a wedding out of town) came over for dinner on Friday night, and Jake and Dana spent the night. Dana’s about 38 weeks pregnant and looks amazing…I was as big as she is when I was 25 weeks pregnant, I swear. Is it horrible that I spent the whole time hoping she’d go into labor while she was staying with us?

can't wait to meet this baby!

::We cleaned out the garage. Thank goodness. It was dangerous in there. It was a 3+-hour-job, but so worth it. There are now 2 cars in our 3-car garage for the first time.


it feels like such a weight has been lifted...i hated having that project looming over my head.

he's a happy man.

::I had a major body-image revelation. I have hated my legs probably since I was 14 or 15 (true story: I was already pretty self-conscious about my legs, and then my then-boyfriend’s best friend told him that I had fat legs, and that sealed the deal on the hatred), so that’s more than half my life. Because of this, I rarely wear skirts or shorts. However, I realized this weekend that they’re never going to look any better than this, so I may as well start wearing some skirts (not so much on the shorts; I still hate those). Yay for being nearly 33 and having enough self-esteem to finally just say screw it, huh? In celebration, I bought this (courtesy of the 40% off sale they were having and a gift card from my boys from Mother’s Day) and something very similar to, but ruffly-er than, this (please don’t judge.  I know that store is for 14-year-olds).

::We took the boys to our neighborhood pool for the first time this weekend, and it was deserted, which is fabulous. We hear it’s never busy; I’m going to enjoy having this at our disposal!

::Monday brought a tradition: eating breakfast out somewhere (almost always Cracker Barrel) when Matt has a Monday off work, some batting practice at a local park (pictures coming soon) and then some QT with Zach, Michon and Will. We haven’t seen Will in so long, and he’s getting so big and walking all over the place. The boys have missed him!

::Matt and I ended the weekend by putting our tired boys to bed early and then making a steak dinner. We enjoyed it while we started on my summer goal: watching “Friends” in its entirety. We watched the first four episodes last night, and I can’t wait to watch more! The fashion flashbacks are hilarious (at least three times I said, “I had a dress/pants/shirt just like that!”) and so many classic lines in just 4 episodes. My favorite, maybe ever from this show, though, is from the pilot, where Monica says, “Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it!” to Rachel. Expect more “Friends” posts this summer!

12 responses to “Packed.

  1. love the wall collage! very crate and barrel of you 🙂 and yay for cute dresses!!!

  2. The pictures look great. . . I have several small groupings like this. . . and after moving three times with them, I figured out that I should take pictures of the configuration so I can duplicate it!

    Love the dresses! I hate my legs, too. . . mostly because they are always a color of white that is inhuman. Even though my self tanner is so easy with the wipes, I’m just always too lazy. I did start wearing skirts because Houston was just too HOT. . . but I can’t do shorts. I hate them.

  3. What? People actually park cars in garages…’s been awhile since we’ve been able to do that. LOVE the dresses…..You see yourself in a much different manner than others do. There is NOTHING wrong with your legs. Show ’em off!!!

  4. I watch all 10 seasons while I’m working during the Christmas rush every year. That’s one show that makes me laugh, no matter how many times I see it.

  5. Wow. Fun weekend! The pictures do look great and so does Dana and I’m SO proud of you for watching Friends in its entirety. It is quality TV.

  6. Yea for having space in the garage for cars – we have been without for too many weeks – and will continue to be without until the drywall gets moved out….. can’t wait to be parked back in the garage!!
    And the leg “deal” – got that too – I too get pretty self conscience about my legs – last year i did something brave and bought 2 short dresses for church and loved wearing them and Jason even complimented me when I would wear them – so now i don’t mind showing my tree trunk legs off as much! Glad you got the short dresses – you will love them. And one more thing – neighborhood pool – EXTREMELY JEALOUS!

  7. sonya is moving to st louis? you guys are going to have so much fun!
    poor eric hasn’t had his car in the garage in months. i have all my stuff to sell in a garage sale that i have yet to plan there.
    if you ever buy a picture frame at pottery barn, they have a sheet that shows you different ways to group picture frames in the (or at least in the wood gallery frames). otherwise, i wouldn’t know where to start. yours looks great.

  8. I, too, did some massive overhaulling of the house this long weekend. I pretty much let the kids watch as much TV & play as much DS as they wanted as long they let me get my stuff done. Yay us! It all looks awesome!!

  9. The photo grouping looks great!

    Wear whatever you like! I try to keep in mind the saying that Dr. Phil uses: You’d worry less about what people think of you if you knew how seldom they do.

    I’m so jealous of your 3-car garage, messy OR organized, but the overhaul is amazing!

  10. yeah yeah yeah for having the self confidence to wear what you want! i think back to when i was younger and hate the fact that i ever had a single solitary insecurity. seriously, life to too short to care what other people think of you and it is way too short to not love yourself for who you are. rock the dresses!

    ps…love the picture collage. i actually just read an article on the best way to do them and they said to make sure they aren’t too perfect…right up my alley.

  11. Thanks for the shout out, Nicole!

    I LOVE those dresses…..and I’ve never EVER had that thought about your legs! You look great in a dress!

    I bet your favorite part of that Friend’s line is “It sucks.” 🙂

  12. love the pictures! Looks FAB! The dresses are adorable!! I love wearing dresses and skirts in the summer. Hooray for quiet pools! So wish I had one that my kids would enjoy. We used to go to Matt’s parents sub pool but they quickly got bored. So off the the crowds we go..sigh.

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