Out of the Mouths of Babes, Part 21

Jack Henry, in a sassy voice: “What? Doing anything.” Which means, “What? I’m not doing anything {wrong}.”


Bennett, after a discussion of what Memorial Day is: “WHAT?? Girls can be soldiers?”


Jack Henry, at lunch, to me, “Excuse me, lady?” to get my attention. NO idea where he got that! He uses it pretty often now because it got a good reaction.


In an apparent attempt to make sure Matt and I never leave again on vacation, Jack Henry said this line (while pushing his fingers over his eyes to hold back tears) shortly after he woke up the morning we got back from Laguna Beach: “I lost my mom and dad!”  Multiple times since we’ve been back he has said things like, “I missed you in California.”


Jack Henry’s big go-to phrase right now is “I KNOW!”, generally spoken with some sass, though not all the time.  He’s said it so much lately that I’ve caught him answering a question with “I know…better than that.”  Once when he decided to wear his sunglasses the entire time we were in Bed, Bath and Beyond, the cashier told him he was very handsome with his sunglasses on.  He, of course, responded, “I know!”


We got an ant farm, and it’s been fascinating for all of us to watch it!  Jack Henry’s observation: “They are eating their butts!”


Bennett loves LOVES baseball, and will watch a game even if the Cardinals aren’t playing (totally reminds me of Luke at his age).  When the Nationals were playing the Cardinals the other day, one of the Nationals got thrown out stealing a base for the third out and threw his batting helmet across the field.  Bennett said, “Oooohhh, he’s got an attitude!”


After a lengthy discussion about war at lunch one day (Luke is starting to be fascinated by wars), Bennett encouraged me to buy a sword. You know, in case there’s ever a war at our house.

8 responses to “Out of the Mouths of Babes, Part 21

  1. Love it!!
    I too agree with Bennett – every mom should have a good sword – just in case!!

    And I am all too familar with the sass you refer to with JH – I have my own Sassy Sissy at home! 🙂

  2. I am especially loving that JH makes so many contributions to these OOTMOB posts now. And I love that he knows how to recycle his phrases that get great reactions. 🙂

  3. Laughing laughing!

  4. Cooper heard me laughing at this post and wanted to know what I was laughing about. I read him a couple of the things the boys said and he thought they were pretty hilarious. Now he wants to know all about you and the boys! Can’t wait for them all to meet one day!

  5. LOve it! Good laughs!

  6. More hilarity!! JH’s “Doing anything” just struck me! Like Jan said, I’m loving that he is now a regular contributor to these OOTMOB posts!

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