I’m an Aunt (Again)!

And it’s a GIRL!!

Jake texted at 2am Wednesday morning that Dana’s water had broken at home (a couple of hours prior), and they were headed to the hospital. By the time I woke up yesterday morning, there was his text and one from my sister, making sure that I wasn’t missing out on the action, because when Will was born, I missed the text from Zach and was not happy! When I talked to Jake at 8am and she was only at a 2, I knew it may be a long day.

We got periodic updates throughout the day, and when I just couldn’t take it any longer, I packed up the kids and headed to Effingham to be there. Dana had a long, rough delivery, but a little before 7 last night, while we were still on our way, Ashlyn Arlene joined our family. And for those of you who don’t know, Arlene was my mom’s name. For this reason, I was really hoping for a girl for them. Also, I was kinda hoping just a tiny bit for a girl for sweet Dana’s sake…you see, she’s the oldest of 5 kids. With 4 younger brothers.

Ashlyn was 7 lbs 13 oz and only 20 inches long…I thought for SURE that the two of them would have a really long baby! We got to take a peek at her last night around 9:15 while Dana was still in L&D, and then for a few minutes again this morning.

The boys were playing with Model Magic when we decided to head on over to wait for her, so they turned their Model Magic creations into lovely gifts for the baby. The two older boys’ looked like ashtrays…I should have taken a picture.

Anyway, enough words…here are the pictures of this little beauty (who totally looks like her mama)!

9 responses to “I’m an Aunt (Again)!

  1. Beautiful name for a beatuiful baby! Congrats Jake and Dana!

  2. Agree! Love the name! Hope that all is doing well! Congrats, Jake, Dana and Aunt Nicole!! She is beautiful!

  3. congrats Jake and Dana!!! Love the name 🙂 Great pics, Nicole.

  4. congrats to your whole family – i love that her middle name is arlene after her grandma.

  5. Very cool that you got to go see the new babe so quickly! 🙂 She’s a beauty.

  6. Seeing these hosp pics brings back memories–of YOU in the hosp bed! Hard to believe your boys are welcoming cousin after cousin now!

    Can’t get over Ashlyn’s hair–it will be fun to see how that develops! What a precious little bundle.

    Will have to hear the story about JH sitting on the gift!

  7. so, so excited for you guys to have a girl in the family. congratulations to all!

  8. Was so thrilled when Chrissy alerted me of Hayley’s announcement on Facebook and I was still putting in the final stitches for the quilt I made for Ashlyn Arlene. Thanks, Nicole, for getting the story and the pictures out for us all. Beautiful name!

  9. Oh what I would give to hold that little bundle. Congratulations to them and to you mom for the honor of having such a cutie named after her. Hope they’re doing well!

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