Happy 35th Birthday, Matt!

I told the boys I’d like them to write a little birthday post for their dad; they asked me to type. I just let them dictate the format and what they wanted to say:

1. I like Dad because he is my coach for baseball. (Luke)
2. I like Dad because he is my third or first base coach for baseball. (Bennett)
3. I like Dad because he plays baseball on the sideyard with us. (Luke)
4. I like my dad because he plays the Wii with me. (Bennett)
5. Dad is funny because he talks like Donald Duck. (Luke)
6. I like Dad because he asks me questions. (Bennett)
7. I like Dad because he gives me multiplication problems. (Luke)
8. I like my dad because he brings me places, like Krispy Kreme and the coffee and cookie store. (Bennett)
9. I like Dad because he reads to me and Bennett (and Jack sometimes). (Luke)
10. This is the last one. I like Dad because he takes me to the batting cages and ’cause he brought me to the driving range. (Bennett)
11. Dad is very funny because he calls us silly names. (Luke)
12. All right, I’ll keep doing it. I like Dad because he teaches at my Sunday school. (Bennett)
13. I like when Dad does the “Dad dance.” You know, like, from weddings and stuff. (Bennett, with Luke chiming in and dancing alongside him)

I also asked Jack Henry what he liked about his Dad since it was his birthday and we wanted to say some nice things about him. This is what he told me, unprompted:
“I like when my dad plays Blokus with me. I like to play in the playroom with him. I like to grill with him.” Love it πŸ™‚

Happy, happy birthday, Matt! We love you so much, and hope you enjoy your day. In fact, we love you so much that Bennett recently said that he wished there were two of you, so that one of you could work while the other could stay home and play with him all day long. Now THAT’S love.

12 responses to “Happy 35th Birthday, Matt!

  1. What a sweet post!!
    Happy Birthday to Matt!!

  2. That’s so cool. I love you all, too.

  3. Happy Birthday Matt!

  4. That is so precious! What sweet boys the two of you have!

  5. This list is a hoot!

    I’ve always loved that Matt shares his b.d. w/ my sister Gale! She just reminded me that she remembers being up at the lake & getting my call that Matt was born! (I don’t remember that she was up there! She & a girlfriend just headed up there this morn.)

    Happy, happy day, Matt! Have fun at the ballpark tonight!

  6. Is it weird that this made me kind of teary? What a good daddy you are, Matt! Have a great b-day.

  7. Awesome post. Happy Birthday, Matt!

  8. Those boys are precious! Hope you have a great birthday Matt!

    – by the way Nicole, I meant to tell you a while back that I love your new header picture of the boys! Did you tell them to stick out their tongues or did the 2 of them do it on their own? They are so funny!

  9. cute idea! happy birthday matt!

  10. i miss those boys 😦 they are too sweet, and i can just hear them saying all those things!
    happy birthday to my big brother!

  11. Wow – who needs to open gifts when you have that! I’m getting JH grill tools for his bday. πŸ™‚

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