I’ve Said It Before…

…and I’ll say it again: toddlers are such strange beings.

It’s just so amazing that the same kid can, in the span of a few minutes, go from making you want to scream in frustration to wanting to hug him until he begs you to stop.

FRUSTRATING: We’re in the thick of potty training and overall, it’s going well. Jack Henry has only had a max of 2 peeing accidents a day because we’re still on a 30-35 minute schedule all day long (that’s exhausting in and of itself). When the timer goes off, he runs to his potty chair or asks for help going on the real potty.  He’s refusing to poop on the potty, which is totally annoying, but we’ll get there. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.  The days are looooong right now. UPDATED: I wrote this part a couple of days ago, and he is doing GREAT with peeing on the potty!! No accidents in 2 days, and he even went at the baseball game several times last night and twice today at the pool (not IN the pool). And, we’ve been able to stretch the 30 minute increments a bit, and he’s initiating needing to go. BIG changes in a couple of days’ time!

ENDEARING: After I showered and got ready, but was still sans makeup, Jack Henry said to me, “Mommy, you look nice. Like you hair like that.” I had blow-dried it and it was straight as opposed to the ponytail I’d been throwing it in the last few days. So sweet that he noticed.

JUST PLAIN WEIRD: while showering one day last week, about halfway through the shower Jack Henry walked into the bathroom and despite me asking him to leave, he decided to stay and watch. Through a magnifying glass. Even weirder, I’m far enough into parenthood that this didn’t totally freak me out.

INSULTING: JH: “Mom, dis you bath tub?” Me: “Yes, it is.” JH: “You fit it in?”

AFFIRMING: JH: “Mom, you put new batt-ees in my Yeetster (Leapster)? Good job, Mom.”

10 responses to “I’ve Said It Before…

  1. OK, I’m dying over the bath tub comment AND eyeing you in the shower thru a magnifying glass!! 🙂

    Matt was right about JH’s age when he was staring at me when Ron & I were ready to go out somewhere. I remember bending down to hug him goodbye, and he said, “Mommy, you look pretty.” I was flabbergasted!

    Glad he’s doing well w/ the potty, at least peeing!

  2. i am not looking forward to the time that Kaylee starts critiquing me in the shower too. JH is so funny.

  3. um, hilarious that he stared with a magnifying glass!!! and the bath tub comment–so funny!

  4. Hilarious – i love this age/stage!

  5. Those are great! I’m too embarassed to post one of Blake’s best comments ever re: me getting out the shower – because was in the bathroom during every shower.

  6. Lol. I love JH. He’s just at that age where it’s so innocent….oh things to look forward to with Katie.

  7. seriously…a magnifying glass? wow! love this post. very cute.

  8. a magnifying glass, huh? too funny.

  9. LOL…so a few things
    Totally there w/ the whole showering thing…as long as I’m getting a shower…I’m PAST the point of who is there to watch me doing it. I’ve learned long ago …privacy is a thing of the past.

    Magnifying glass….HILARIOUS….

    You fit in the tub…hilarious….I’m there too…Will rubs my belly ….every.single.morning….

  10. Wow, as if 360 degrees of glass around you isn’t visual enough! That’s hilarious!

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