Happy Father’s Day

I’m reposting this from 2008…it’s one of my favorite things written about parenthood, ever, hands down.

I don’t know exactly where I came across this quote, but I know that it was years ago, before Luke was even born, and I’ve always just loved it and thought it so poignant. I know it will ring true for so many of you reading this!  It’s an excerpt from the Father’s Almanac by S. Adams Sullivan.

When you’re holding your baby and he’s falling asleep in your arms slowly and the evening is slipping away and your mind is racing through the thousand things at the top of your list, and you begin to feel – as all fathers and mothers inevitably feel from time to time – that you’re wasting your time taking care of this little kid, try to remember that next year you won’t be able to hold him in the same way, he won’t go to sleep in your arms, and after a few more years, you’ll be happy to get a hug on the run. Our children are here to stay, but our babies and toddlers and preschoolers are gone as fast as they can grow up – and we have only a short moment with each. When you see a grandfather take a baby in his arms, you see that the moment hasn’t always been long enough.

Happy Father’s Day to Matt and our dads, the three best dads ever!

One response to “Happy Father’s Day

  1. I just love this . . . makes me tear up. It’s so true. I can’t even express how grateful I am that I had such a wonderful dad, and I am SO blessed to have married the perfect man to have kids with! And now I get the added super-bonus of watching my son & sil be such good daddies!!!

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