With pride, that is.

Bennett, for being as good a reader as he is for a 5-year-old, is very apprehensive about trying to spell words. If he doesn’t know for sure how to spell something, he doesn’t try to write it down without help. I’ve been trying to build his confidence for months to no avail.

He got a book at the Cardinals game on Wednesday night, and there is a spot in there where you can write down your favorite all-time Cardinals team (which for him, consists of this year’s roster. It is important to note that he is OBSESSED with baseball, and specifically, the Cardinals. Consumed. So if he’s going to go out on a limb for anything, it doesn’t surprise me that it would be Cardinals-related.). He heard Luke was working on his list, so he did his own without me knowing. He brought me the list, and said something like, “I just wrote down whatever letters I wanted to.” I glanced at it, and jokingly sounded out one of the players’ names. Then, he said, “Read me my list!” And as I looked down the list, I realized, “Holy cow, he’s tried to spell players’ names!”

And, he matched up the players he chose with the correct position on the list. Some of them are a huge stretch, I realize…but I was so proud of his effort!

So his team includes (I’ll write down exactly the words he was writing):

P – Carpenter

C – Yadi

1B – Pujols

2B – Skip Schumaker

3B – David F (for Freese)

SS – Brendan

LF – Ludwick

CF – Holliday

RF – Colby Rasmus

I think that my favorites are Yide for Yadi and Hluda for Holliday.  I can’t wait to see what this kid does in kindergarten!

8 responses to “Bursting.

  1. That’s awesome! Way to Go Bennett!

  2. I actually got a few of those without looking at your list. Way to go Bennett!!!

  3. I might have been able to interpret a couple of these IF I had a clue what ANY ballplayers’ names are!

    This is so stinkin’ cute!! I agree w/ you–I think “Hluda” is a hoot!! I know what you mean about Bennett’s lack of self-confidence w/ stuff like this, so I love that he did it!

  4. Those were my 2 favorites too! That is SO impressive and exactly what Will is doing. You can practically see smoke come out his ears his wheels turn so much sounding out a word!

  5. awwwww, that is just too sweet. my heart melted a little bit…

  6. he’s doing great – i could totally pick out who was who. good job b.

  7. This is awesome! And I love that he’s so into baseball. Nice work B!

  8. um…. this is ADORABLE!!! Colby and Holliday spellings are my favorite—looks like you have a lil’ Larussa!! Planning the lineup already!

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