Finished Product: Main Floor Bathroom

Ok…I’m starting a new little series that will take the next several years to complete, because I am on no timeline to get rooms in the house done. But that’s all right; we live here, and have a full life, and decorating the house comes after lots and lots of things.

But, I do love working on projects. And I am so happy to have the main floor bathroom 98% finished! I’ve already gotten the outlet cover for the open one you can see in the picture, and the big open wall is going to get a couple of these stickers put on it, if they aren’t too dark when they get here (if they are too dark, I have another use for them!).

Here are the before pictures, in case you have forgotten:

ahem. the first room with wallpaper. main floor half bath. but wait, there's more...

yep. a border.

mid-removal; i would have put it on craigslist for free, but i got primer all over it.

The after looks this way after the wallpaper was peeled away (approximately 45 minutes of work), the paste was scrubbed off the walls (approximately 297 hours of work), and then the regular priming/painting stuff happened. The only thing that made that interesting was working in a tiny space with a 9′ ceiling, which meant that I needed a ladder and it was difficult to move it around correctly. Matt also changed out the light fixture, which is a vast improvement.

the mirror came from over the fireplace at our old house; it's too small for that space here, so it didn't have a home until matt came up with the great idea to use it here! it's a bit bigger than what i would have bought for that space, but it works...and the best part is we didn't have to buy something new.

i love this light...long story, but it was, i think, the 3rd one i brought home.

so glad that the $7 jar thingy looks good in here! any bets on how long it will take to get broken?

Matt also got this little project finished the same day that he did the bathroom light fixture:

Many thanks to Robin for giving us the fixture…we just picked a shade that looked good and made a huge improvement over what was there.

Up next: the mirror for our bedroom is getting a coat of orange paint on the frame (I’m really pumped about this one) and then I think I’ll probably work on the boys’ bathroom next, since I just ordered a few fun things on etsy to use in there.

10 responses to “Finished Product: Main Floor Bathroom

  1. okay i am definitely the black sheep of the family with not a single creative bone in me… i seriously would have to hire someone to design a new bathroom–or else completely copy a model. nice work! love the color scheme and the mirror looks great!

  2. Can’t believe how good the mirror looks in there! What luck! Also like the light fixture in there, and yes, the pendant light over the sink is the big improvement. You’re going great!

  3. AMAZING that that is the same bathroom! Wow…You are good πŸ™‚ The mirror looks BEAUTIFUL in there…I think it makes the room look bigger! These sticker things….How cool are they?!?!?! Cheap, easy way of adding some funk to the room! My sister did this w/ her daughter’s room.

    The vase….I give it a month…then they will stop being careful in there. Keep me posted πŸ™‚

  4. :O I love it!!! It really looks great! Nice job!

  5. it looks great! so good to get it done right away, or you’d be living with it and not noticing it in a year. i know this, because we’ve been in our house 5 1/2 years and have i done anything about my BLACK AND GOLD 1/2 bath? no, i have not. i’d post a picture of it but i am too ashamed. πŸ™‚

  6. I so love home improvement projects and pictures! FUN, FUN, FUN! Looks amazing-great job!

  7. Yeah – that’s great! I would have like a close-up of the towel because I think the one I have in the basement awaiting my remodel is VERY similar!

  8. Love, love, love the light fixtures!!!

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