Not exactly sure how these people…

…became these people…

…but I do know a lot has happened in fifteen years.

Fifteen years ago, I agreed to go out with someone I barely knew, but already had more than a bit of a crush on.  So, so glad I said yes (even though I half-lied about already having a boyfriend when his friend came up to ask if I was interested in going out with one of his friends, but didn’t say who it was, and I was nervous that it was someone else, so I said I was kinda seeing an ex who was home from college, but really I wasn’t anymore, and then he said it was Matt and I was all “Oh, I’m not really seeing anyone.”).

PS that first picture may be my all-time favorite of us, even though I seriously need to pluck my eyebrows.

6 responses to “Fifteen.

  1. Congrats! Happy Dating Anniversary! Love both pics! Good Looking couple – that’s forsure!

  2. love the white lie!!! 15 years….wow. i remember matt a very smitten young lad… so happy you decided to go out with him 🙂

  3. Awe! So sweet! Love that first pic also!

  4. Adorable!!

  5. Oh, wow–can’t believe it! I, too, love that top pic–but I REALLY love the 30-somethings that you’ve both become!!

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