For a long time (like a few years) I knew that I had this old roll of black & white film that I’d taken but never developed. It was after I had a digital camera but still had my old 35mm and some unused film, so I just took pictures at random.

Finally, late this spring, I got them developed.

Look at what I found!

luke's 3rd birthday!

matt went to vegas and brought back his very young sons swords and viking helmets. they were very well-loved.

do you know how many times over the years (before they broke) i had to take those weapons away?

viking hats make lunch better, too.

4 months later, and the next picture i have is of, you guessed it, a baby viking. still funny.

i pretty much want to squeeze their guts out. aren't they adorable little pillagers?

best buddies! except, this WAS during the nearly year-long stage that bennett bit luke almost daily. i'm not lying. oh, how i wish i would've had a blog in those days...

12 responses to “Flashback

  1. These are such a hoot!! Viking in the high chair = the best!!

    I can’t believe I don’t remember Bennett’s biting stage!

  2. cute cute!
    we got SJ two disposable cameras 4 (four!!!!) years ago for her christmas stocking and she went to town. she actually paced herself and finished them off over a couple of months. we still have yet to develop those and I need to remember to do it because I know they’ll be so amusing to look thru!!

  3. So much fun to see them little again but especially fun with them outfitted as vikings!!!!!! “Adorable little pillagers” made me laugh out loud. 🙂

  4. i just melted! those are NEARLY cute enough to make me want to try to have a boy. nearly.

  5. what a great find!

  6. I remember when Matt bought those viking hats – who knew they would have been such a hit!

    That gets me thinking, it’s probably time Dad, Jake, Matt & I take another Vegas trip so Matt can come back with awesome gifts like that…

  7. Too cute. Don’t you miss that sweet little chubby phase? I want Landon’s cheeks to stay just as squishy as they are now for as long as possible.

  8. oh. my. gosh. i can’t get over how teeny luke looks!!! i don’t remember hearing about the vikings hats! boys are so “boys”!

  9. Oh, to have those rounded features back again! And those pics remind me of how long you were in your old house!

  10. Don’t you sometimes wish there was a “freeze dry” button to push to keep kids little and innocent and chubby for their entire life? I do! 🙂

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