Bennett had a baseball game last Saturday morning. The league he’s in is coach-pitch, and they play 4 innings. Every inning, half of the order bats, so that the last kid hits a grand slam every inning. The coach rotates the order so that every kid has a chance to be the last batter.

Until Saturday, I don’t think that Bennett has ever been the last batter.

He grinned at me from the on-deck circle, all Squints-Palledorous-like, and I assumed it was just because he got to be the last batter. And then he stepped up to the plate. As a left-handed batter. Except that he’s a righty.

Luke looked at me incredulously and said, “Mom, WHAT is he doing?” Matt was coaching third and I was sitting in the only bit of shade we could find, which was right by third. I yelled to him, “Did you know this was happening?” He laughed and said no. Luke was laughing like a hyena at this point, equal parts stunned and excited.

And then Bennett hit the first pitch. A grand slam on his first at-bat as a lefty.

When he crossed the plate and ran into the dugout, I asked him what was going on, and he said he just wanted to try it out. He batted his second time from the left side, too, and it took a couple of pitches because the mechanics of his swing just aren’t that good yet, but he got another hit fairly easily.

We think he got this idea after overhearing his Papa Ron talk about how it would be cool to train one of our boys to be a left-handed hitter, since it is advantageous to have that skill.  Bennett had apparently been practicing in our yard a little, and then when we were in Effingham last week to visit baby Ashlyn, he played ball with his brothers and my brother Jake and my dad. After I told Dad this story (and he could not stop laughing), he told me that Bennett had practiced left-handed hitting that day that they were playing.

I asked Bennett later when he came up with the idea to do this in a game, and he said that morning, at home, he thought of it. And just decided not to tell any of us. Hilarious.  At least life with him is never dull.

7 responses to “Lefty.

  1. I love it that he had decided earlier in the day – but didn’t tell anyone!!

  2. Oh, that’s great! I can picture Luke going nuts too.

  3. Ditto Heather. I think it’s neat that he made a plan and kept it quiet. And batting left-handed is pretty amazing too! There are plenty of 5-year-olds that don’t hit well even with their dominant handedness!

  4. way to go bennett!
    kenny’s coach has them bat both right and left handed and kenny usually chooses to bat as a lefty (even though he’s right handed).

  5. Not all we need is for Bennett to shout out, “Been plannin’ it for years” like Squints

  6. Now I am going to work on Jack Henry …….Bennett(you the man and a great grand slam)

    Papa Ron

  7. This cracks me up! I need to come watch them play sometime soon.

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