the day started off good enough. how could it not when you look this adorable in boxers and a visor?

This morning, Jack Henry got himself in trouble at least three times before breakfast for causing some type of bodily harm to one of his brothers. His punishment was that he couldn’t eat breakfast at the bar with the boys, but rather had to sit alone at the table.

"don't look at me."

i barely kept it together when he did this.

just. can't. take it.

things got a little better when the pancakes showed up. he ate all of that and then a small bowl of cereal, which he was allowed to eat at the bar with the brothers.

Happy Friday!

4 responses to “Banished.

  1. Motherhood….you NEVER know what the day will bring.

  2. hilarious progression of pouting pics!!!

  3. You could do a caption contest with that 3rd pic. Hilarious!

    And so much drama for so early in the morning!

  4. I absolutely think you should print out the 3 middle pics & put them in triple frame!! ♥♥♥

    Good to see that the pancakes pulled him out of his funk. 😉

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