Jumbled, Rambly Thoughts. You Are So Very Welcome.

Welcome to a post with no real theme. Just random pictures and thoughts and recaps from a long weekend.

1. As of yesterday, I am 33. I slept in, which was glorious, and just as I was about to get out of bed a little before 9, Matt announced that he was taking the boys to get donuts and to buy himself a new baseball glove. So I quick got dressed and hopped back into bed and read for a long time. And then I had a birthday Krispy Kreme for the second year in a row.

2a. Our boys and the Vierling and McGill kids had a lemonade stand on Saturday morning to raise money for kids in Haiti (our church’s summer collection from the kids is all going to buy food for Haitian kids). They got the idea from some friends at church, and they were so proud of the final total: $183.64.

2b. Elle’s dad taught her a little lemonade song to sing to attract customers…

3. My kids and husband managed to not burn down the house or themselves with their fireworks. I am really starting to hate sparklers, though. They freak me out.

loving luke's goofy stance here!

4. Jack Henry loved the fireworks, and totally copied the reactions of his brothers and the Swinigan girls. Evidence:

5. As it started to rain on the 4th while we were waiting for fireworks to begin, Luke commented that this was his worst 4th of July ever. Then the rain let up and the fireworks began, and it was by far the best show the kids had ever seen (and the best location we’d ever been in to actually see a whole show), and Luke said so. Good times.

6. I currently smell like this. Thank you, husband!

7. Ignoring the laundry for several days is only fun for those days when you’re doing the ignoring. This aftermath is atrocious.

8. The cutest + nerdiest thing I’ve ever seen = my 5 and 7-year-olds playing a game of chess.

9. Jack Henry is about 90% potty trained during the day. Much progress is being made. We can safely leave the house with him in underwear without me freaking out. Happy dance!

10. Big shoutout to the public library’s summer reading program for enhancing my addiction to Sonic by giving out Sonic coupons to the kids for completing each level, thus virtually forcing me to stop there on our way home.

11. I know I can’t be the only 30-something who is anxiously awaiting the premiere of “Charlie St. Cloud”. Right? Last night, while watching a preview, I was oohing and aahing and Matt was all, “He’s like 20, Nicole.” And I said, “He’s like 22, Matt. Sheesh.”

12. We are currently waiting for a very strong breeze, or for this tree to get cut down.

11 responses to “Jumbled, Rambly Thoughts. You Are So Very Welcome.

  1. Jack Henry is so cute watchin the fireworks 🙂
    I love that Luke and Bennett play chess against each other, that’s pretty impressive.
    ❤ Zac Efron, I can't wait for that movie!

    p.s. i can't count how many times since Saturday I have just randomly said "lemonade, lemonade, lemonade, woooh!"

  2. Seeing JH in the dark rather accentuates his chubby cheeks. SO CUTE! 🙂

    I hope your boys keep playing chess. So good for them!

    What kind of toy is that in the tree and how did it get there?

    • Well, Bennett got a hard foam baseball stuck in the tree first. So, naturally, he threw a small kid’s golf club to try to get the ball down, and it got stuck, too. And they are WAY up there.

  3. I love these kinds of scattered-topic blog posts!

    Matt texted me about spending his bd $$ on the ball glove, so he must have been excited! Glad he came thru on the Juicy cologne. I still say the description of its fragrance sounds like something I’d love. And I notice it is also described as “tantalizing. teasing. tempting.”–that’s really me, right?

    LOVE the JH video w/ how cute he imitates the big boys’ reactions! (“I yike dat one!”)

  4. such a fun weekend!! glad you enjoyed your favorite weekend of the year 🙂

    thanks for posting the video of my crazy girl! i love that haley’s been doing the lemonade chant!

  5. our fireworks did get rained out so we saw them last night instead.
    great job on raising $ for haiti!

  6. LOVED that post! To death! I pray JH never loses those cheeks!

  7. wait.. I thought it was Lemonade, lemonade, woah….hehehe Only Elle. I’m so glad I got to take part in your fav weekend! That’s a ton of fun crammed in there! What a great pic you got of all our kids!!

  8. Charlie St. Cloud. Mmmmm… He’s a mature 22, to be sure. 🙂

  9. LOVE the video of JH at the fireworks —- cracks me up. Looks like a wonderful birthday weekend!!

  10. I SO can’t wait for Charlie St. Cloud!!! LOL, I totally had that same conversation with my husband, ha, ha!

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