In an Effort Not to Forget This, I’m Writing It Down.

Today was a good day. Honestly, from the get-go, I wasn’t too much looking forward to it. Matt is playing bridge all weekend, and I’m cool with that; it just means that my weekend therefore looks like the rest of my weekdays for the most part, so it doesn’t feel very weekend-y (right, Kathy?). But, he’s doing something he loves and I end up getting to trade it for a weekend on my own here and there, so it’s totally worth it. Back to the point, though: I thought this might be a stressful, not-so-fun Saturday.

I was, thankfully, wrong. And here’s why.

1. Luke had his final game of the summer season, and it kills me that Matt, who usually coaches third base, wasn’t there for it. Because it was the game of Luke’s baseball career thus far. He’s in a league that uses a pitching machine, but he played the pitcher’s position today (near the machine) and did an amazing job. For the first time in a game, he caught not one but TWO pop-flies, and made a number of great plays/throws to first for outs. He got a couple of singles on little hits that, if he hadn’t hustled, he would have been thrown out at first. It was SO much fun to watch him beaming so many times from making great plays, and to see him actually paying attention to what was going on. Hooray.

2. While we were watching Luke’s game, Jack Henry announced rather loudly that I do not have a p*nis. Oh yes he did. If it had been my first kid, I’m sure that I would have nearly died. Being that he’s my third, I laughed and shushed him, but I don’t think I even blushed.

3. Bennett also had his last game of the year (fingers crossed he’ll get to play fall baseball, or he’s going to be mighty disappointed) and got to try to hit off the pitching machine. He wasn’t able to in the couple of tries he got, but I think he’ll be ready to next year.

4. The boys and I then drove to Effingham together because sweet Ashlyn is being baptized tomorrow. Aside from the one time I had to BEG for 4 minutes of silence so that I could listen to one of my current favorite songs, the trip was smooth-sailing. Two boys slept, which made the rest of the evening pleasant.

5. We got to hang out with my family tonight (sans Matt, of course, and Hayley, who was working), which I love. The boys love being around Papa and their aunts and uncles, and I love it, too. It’s so fun that there’s like a housefull of kids now and they’re not all mine. Nieces and nephews are cool.

6. So this is a monster that I created, but my kids are OBSESSED with license plates and finding different states. It’s a consuming activity, and everywhere we go they are checking for new plates they may not have seen before. Vacation is going to be fuuuuunnnnnn. We’ve already made a checklist of all the states so that we can mark them off when they’re spotted on our trip (I knew Luke wouldn’t be able to write down the state names fast enough, and I didn’t want to constantly be on call to write them down, so this was our compromise).

Happy weekend, everyone!

4 responses to “In an Effort Not to Forget This, I’m Writing It Down.

  1. There is a board book type game out there where you can mark off the states when you see them on a car ride. A couple years ago when we drove 19+ hours to Kirk’s parents I almost bought it, but I decided to wait a year or two b/c I thought the kids were too young then. This post totally reminded me of it. I may have to see if they still have it and pick it up….we’ll be doing lots of driving the next two weeks…..I found it at a specialty kids store. just an idea. The boys may love it!

  2. A relative of mine created a game for her two boys for road trips. It involved finding *makes* of cars. She had sheets printed up with the emblems and names of a ton of common (and some less common) car makes. Her boys are just a smidge older than yours but they played this a couple years ago. It worked very well!

    Luke must be so excited to tell his dad about that baseball game!!

  3. What you don’t have a p*nis?!?!?! LOL…..Love that one…..Has happened to me a few times.

  4. First of all, I just sat here & LOL at the p*nis quip–and your “veteran” reaction!! 🙂

    Luke’s game–how fun for him & how awful for Matt to miss! Nothing like ending the season w/ a bang!!

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