Maybe the Best $5 I’ve Ever Spent.

Because it’s been good for a laugh all day long (minus the part of the day where he wouldn’t take a nap because he needed his goggles on, and bargained for an early bedtime if I let him out of bed. I accepted the deal. 6pm, I love you.)…

5 responses to “Maybe the Best $5 I’ve Ever Spent.

  1. How could you NOT bargain w/ that cute face????

  2. Goggles + Little Kids = Lots of Laughs for mom and dad!!

    When Abby puts her goggles on we always giggle.

  3. I love kids in goggles! So cute!

  4. He looks so cute in those!!!

  5. In my day, goggles were not cool. JH makes them oh-so-cool.

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