Out of the Mouths of Babes, Part 22

Jack Henry, taking my face in his hands early one morning as I was trying to doze off while he sat next to me watching Playhouse Disney: “You a good mama.”


Words I never thought I’d have to say: “Please turn on the light when you pee.”


Bennett, on the way to school one morning last spring: “Papa Ron is 62, right?”
Luke: “He’ll BE 62 on his birthday.” (his bday is in June)
Bennett: “And Nana Jo is in her thirties, right?”


Bennett was playing with some wooden blocks, and brought two yellow half-circles, put together, over to me and said, “Hey Mom, doesn’t this look like one of those oranges that’s yellow?”

Me: “You mean a lemon?”


I told Jack Henry that he needed to take a nap when we got home from running an errand.  He protested, and when we got home, walked into the playroom and then sweetly said, “I play few minutes?”  I reminded him that it was naptime, and he yelled, “THAT NOT FAIR!” Definitely the youngest one of my kids has uttered that line.


We walked on the nature trail at the boys’ school one day, and there was a stop called the “Fossil Field.” I asked Bennett if he knew what a fossil was, and he said, “yeah, that thing that water comes out of.” Took me a minute to get that he was confusing “faucet” and “fossil.”


Evidence that my children do, in fact, occasionally listen to me: All during potty training, I’ve been quoting a line from one of Jack Henry’s favorite books to him when encouraging him to go. It’s from Little Quack, and Mama Duck says to Little Quack, “You can do it…I know you can!” Jack Henry has turned that around and used it with me in multiple situations, which always makes me laugh!

6 responses to “Out of the Mouths of Babes, Part 22

  1. LOVE IT
    My favorite – Regarding Nana JO in her 30’s!
    (I am sure her favorite too!!) 🙂

  2. OMGosh! I tell Blake to turn the light on to pee all the time. And I love that Nana Jo is our age!

  3. yep, my mom is young and hip! she had me at age 1!

  4. I ♥ Bennett! I also WISH I had the energy of a 30-something Nana, rather than a . . . hmm, rather than what I am!!

  5. As always, thanks for the laugh…your boys are so cute!

  6. THAT NOT FAIR. My new tag line. Thanks JH.

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