Little Bits and Pieces.

In no particular order.

1. Thanks to Jill for this cute award! I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago, and, of course, forgot to post it. Jill’s doing a new project called “Live Consciously” that you all should check out!

2. I am working on repainting an old desk. Pictures to follow. Which reminds me, I need to do a post with some updates of things that I’ve completed around the house! I practically live in my painting clothes it seems. A big project will be completed in a couple of weeks…pictures when it’s done.

3. I am also currently trying to do some kind of exercise at least 4 days a week. Right now that mainly comes in the form of “The Shred” which is torturous and humiliating, because my kids are home and laugh out loud at my panting and “this is SO HARD” comments. When it’s not so humid, it also means walking with a little bit of running. I’ve cut way back on any drink other than water and have totally reduced portion size. This better mean a few pounds gone in time for my class reunion.

4. Many thanks to Katie for talking about the Spin Pin. It’s the coolest. I need my hair to be about 3″ longer to really do what I want with it, though.

5. If you’re looking for a new mattress pad (and, really, who isn’t), I highly recommend this one. It’s cheap, and it’s fluffy, and it’s simple. No therapeutic-posturepedic-memory foam nonsense here.

6. I got a call yesterday telling me that Bennett has morning kindergarten, which I’m really happy about for a lot of reasons. The part I don’t love is that I will have to pick him up everyday at 11:25, since where we live he is supposed to be afternoon kindergarten. Oh well. It’s worth it to me.

7a. Jack Henry is completely potty trained. I can’t believe I’m writing those words! He’s a rockstar. Pees on his own or when you remind him to (no peeing accidents in weeks), and p**ps on the potty almost all the time, too (occasionally still in his nighttime diaper, which I hope goes away soon, too – he does this out of laziness). This really hasn’t been as bad as I thought it was going to be, and I just can’t even believe that I’m already on the other side of it! I will be happy to get past the “I need to pee in every public restroom” stage that he’s in now, but at least he’s not having accidents. HOORAY!!

7b. He continues to announce bodily functions to strangers/people he barely knows. At the chiropractor today (he’s probably met her 6 times), he just randomly blurted out, “I’ve been p**ping on the potty lately.” Sigh.

8. Lots of new goodness over at Three More Bites.

9. I bought fall shirts today. Can’t pass up a sale at the Gap.

10. I never thought a child that was made up of half of my genes would be this dark in the summertime.

8 responses to “Little Bits and Pieces.

  1. way to go jh (potty training) – i bet it feels sooooo good to know that you’ll never ever ever have to do that again.

  2. Does the spin pin really work??

  3. Any parent out there appreciates the announcing of bodily fluids đŸ™‚ Way to go on the potty training. You will LOVE the freedom of it! & congrats on his tan too.

  4. The mattress pad comment “(and really, who isn’t)” made me laugh SO hard!!! Love JH’s tan lines, too. SO adorable!!

    Good news on the spin pin…I need some help in that area (and really, who doesn’t?) hee hee!! đŸ™‚

  5. Mmmm – I love little kid tan lines. That’s probably bad, but it just means they’ve been out having fun!

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