Vacation 2010: The Beginning

Though the end of our vacation is certainly what will most be remembered for the rest of eternity by our family and friends, I have to start at the beginning, because that’s just how I am. And, I also want to remember that our trip was really, really wonderful until the last day.

So. Taking it from the top.

After we cancelled our Gulf Shores trip, we decided on a couple of days in WI with Matt’s family, a trip to LegoLand in Schaumburg, IL, and a few days in Holland, MI, for some Lake Michigan time. I decided to journal our trip. I have no idea why I thought this would be a good idea; maybe because I wouldn’t have access to my blog? Not sure. In any case, I’m so glad I did. I’ll use some excerpts from the journal as I document this trip.

Jack Henry was just so funny about being on “becation.” He had no idea what vacation was (and it’s a hard concept to explain to someone who’s not been on one he could remember), so on the first morning, when we pulled into Litchfield, IL, for a McD breakfast, he was all, “We on becation! We there!” So cute.

The trip to Lake Delavan was really smooth. The boys got along great, despite our *new* DVD player breaking after less than 2 hours of playing time (grr…I bought a new one before the next leg of our trip and it works great…the broken one was promptly returned to Target). They played several car games, which I will outline in a future post, and overall, it was just a fun ride.

When we got to the lake we went nearly immediately to the little beach, followed by a boys’ baseball game at the nearby park. Then, because it takes a while for 12 people to get ready in one bathroom, we headed home to get ready for dinner that night.

One of my favorite moments: at dinner on Saturday night, Jack Henry spilled a large amount of water down the front of his clothes. He stood up and told me, “I need a skateboard.” I said, “Why do you need a skateboard?” and he answered, “Wait, what is a skateboard?” I described it to him, and then he laughed and said, “Oh, I mean a refill! I need a refill!” I have NO idea how he confused those two words…it was late and he was tired? Anyway, it was funny.

On Sunday, Matt golfed with the guys while the girls and kids ate our traditional Sunday morning Millie’s breakfast! When we returned, Matt and his BIL Jeff were playing chess, so most of the rest of us took off for the beach again (it’s just down the street from our cottage), and Matt joined us a bit later, saying that he wasn’t feeling all that well. We all went back to the cottage after a while, and he spent the afternoon with the chills and taking naps, and just feeling overall achy. He showered later and felt good enough to join us for dinner. Oh, also – I spent some time that afternoon teaching Luke how to play “Ticket to Ride” so that he could play without a partner. When he played against his dad and Papa Ron, he won fair and square, on his first game ever! Amazing because it’s a game of strategy, and he totally rocked. He was just so proud of himself. It was adorable!

After another bad night of sleep for Matt and me (kids slept great; Matt wasn’t feeling well again), we loaded up with blessed caffeine and headed for LegoLand…

{Continued here}

7 responses to “Vacation 2010: The Beginning

  1. I like this start – but I need more… .please continue! πŸ™‚

  2. Yep–so far, so good!!! I’m so glad you had some really good memories from Part I of “becation,” although I hate it that Matt really wasn’t feeling well through some of it. But that was nothing compared to . . .

    . . . can’t wait to see it in print!!! I’ll send you a couple pics I got from the last day.

  3. I’m so glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read about JH and his skateboard. πŸ™‚ That boy is a hoot!

  4. awww, love the pic of bennett watching calla yawn!!!still can’t get over luke winning ticket to ride!

  5. I think we may have talked about this one night at the Watson’s house, but I spent summers at my grandparents’ place on Lake Delavan!! We now live 50 minutes from their cottage and I love it! The beach area looks very familiar in one of your pictures…where is Matt’s parents’ cottage on the lake? Is it on Viewcrest Dr by any chance???

  6. Great pics! Love “becation”!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Also, next time I need a refill, I’m asking for a skateboard. πŸ˜‰

  7. Really good pictures of you and Matt!

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