Just taking a quick break from our vacation story…

Friday night, Matt was out with some guys from work, so I decided to rent “Up in the Air.” I’ve really been wanting to see it for a long time, since it was primarily filmed in St. Louis. I’ll give this movie a “B.” It was entertaining to identify St. Louis locations (which doubled as locations in other cities in the movies) and hello, George Clooney. Enough said. His voice…sheesh. Amazing. I’d love it if he’d be my GPS voice.

Saturday afternoon, Matt and I were lucky enough to have Hayley watch the boys so that we could catch a matinee and go to dinner. Matt has really been wanting to see “Inception,” so I agreed. Even though this is totally NOT my kind of movie (fantasy/science-fiction-ish). Even with the aging-gracefully Leo DiCaprio, who I love in a leading romantic role (which was kind of half his role in this movie), I didn’t really want to see this. But I did.

I hated the first 20 minutes, because it’s one of those movies where you have NO clue what’s really going on…it’s explained enough later to figure it out. So I started out irritated. And then when I realized what it’s really about, phew…it was over for me. Except, oh wait, it’s a 2 1/2 hour movie. Crap. I’m stuck here for the next forever. Wishing that this was, instead, a fourth Bourne movie (but only if Matt Damon is on board).

Reflecting on it last night and then today, I can say this for it: I understand the plot (as much as one can in a movie like this). I get it. I just didn’t like it. It’s just soooo out there. To me, it’s like this: sometimes, people look at something and think “oooh, that’s so creative. THAT’S art.” And then other people look at the same thing and think it’s just junk. The latter was me and this movie. Because I just have trouble thinking that 6 people can slip some charm bracelets hooked to wires around their wrists, plug them into a briefcase, and then magically fall asleep and dream the same dream about Siberia and a fortress.

Rating: D.

For the record, Matt really liked it.

Now, if you’ve seen the movie and would like some explanation into how the whole thing supposedly works and what everything means, you might want to click here.

I realize that I am one of two people in America who feel this way, but oh well.

On to my last review of the weekend: Sen Thai Bistro. Best Thai in St. Louis, no question. Please go there. Eat crab rangoon and fire rice and corn todmun and Sawaree beef. (I did not eat all of those things last night, but I could have.) Yum. A+.

The end.

7 responses to “Reviewer.

  1. great. we have (now maybe had) a date on wednesday night to see inception. i have heard everyone rave about it but i didn’t know it was so far out there…really charm bracelets into briefcases?

    also, sen thai is good but no king and i. 🙂

    • Ok, they weren’t exactly charm bracelets. But they do put a strap around their wrists, which are plugged in to a briefcase, and then they share a dream. True story.

      But, you’ll probably like it. I literally know ONE other person who didn’t.

      We tried King and I, and thought it was no where close to Sen Thai 🙂

  2. You are one of 3 people who didn’t like Inception. My boyfriend hated it. Called it “dumb,” in fact. I loved it.

    I saw Up in the Air in the theater when it came out. I liked it a lot, but I think it hit me at the right time. Last time we were in STL, we stayed in the hotel where they went for the “wedding” so that was cool.

  3. “Up in the Air” is my life (kinda). I stay in one place though.

    I don’t think I’d like “Inception”. I don’t like to have to work that hard to follow things.

  4. One of the things I really enjoyed about Inception was that they didn’t waste time explaining the science of how the dream syncing worked. I hate in movies when they spend 3 hours explaining a technology or backstory that’s so far fetched. To me, that’s not gonna hold me up on enjoying the plot line anyways. I mean I wasn’t expecting to walk in and be convinced that “inception” was possible. It was the art of telling a great story inside of such a bizarre concept while still keeping me interested. But I’m kind of a nerd 🙂

  5. Ok, it was through an IV, not a charm bracelet. And it WAS painful to watch on some levels, I agree. I had to really use my brain to understand where they were at and I looked away A LOT. But I have to admit, I liked the movie. The reason I liked it was because it was a movie about implanting an idea in someone else’s head to sway them one way or another…and that’s what the movie did to it’s viewers. It’s one of those things where the idea communicated and the question posed is so interesting that it makes you like the movie for that rather than for the things that happened. I mean, duh, it’s totally unrealistic. But the question that the movie posed (in my opinion) was, “are we willing to sacrifice reality for our own personal happiness?”. I totally called the ending by the way. Half-way through the movie I made Jeremy pause it and I told him what was going to happen. And I was RIGHT! AH-HA! To top it all off, I even had a scripture pop into my head. Romans 1:18-25. We exchange the truth for a lie all the time because it is easier to live with than the reality that truth brings. Ooohhh…so deep. I loved it :D.

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