Great Mysteries of Motherhood, Part 7

Why is that the child who is driving you batty (due to extreme exhaustion and may or may not have made your 2-hour car ride very unpleasant) is the one who, truly without goofing off, spills a full cup of milk at dinner? It’s like I knew it would happen before it even did.

I may or may not have fed above-mentioned-yet-unnamed child 2 packages of peanut butter snack crackers on the way home and told him that it was his dinner. I also may or may not have felt bad enough to give this kid some fruit and a cup of milk when he asked for it, and then sent him directly to bed for the night at 5:42 pm.

4 responses to “Great Mysteries of Motherhood, Part 7

  1. While spilled milk makes me think of Bennett, the fruit tells me it just had to be Jack Henry (as does the pre-6:00 bedtime). Am I right??

  2. Um, if said child was in bed at 5:42pm, what time will said child awake? Cause….my kids would be up by like 4am if I did that.

    • said child did not actually fall asleep until 8pm, though he at least stopped causing problems by 6:15. and he’ll sleep until at least 6:30, but it could be as late as 8:30, which he’s done a couple of times this summer!

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