*Jack Henry has croup. Again. But this means that we got to meet our new pediatrician today, and I really liked him! So glad we made the switch. It was worth the cost of our medical records being transferred (don’t even get me started on that) and me being uncomfortable with leaving the old practice.

*I hate that he has croup, but oh my, you should hear his adorable hoarse voice. It’s the cutest.

*Follow up to first day of school: it went well! Bennett came out of his classroom with a smile on his face, the bus ride went well, nothing made him cry, and I think I found a mom to carpool home with (hooray for not having to pick him up everyday!). Luke also came off the afternoon bus with a huge smile on his face and good reports all around. Huge sigh of relief.

*I apparently did not fully explain to Bennett, however, that kindergarten is an everyday occurrence. He was quite surprised this morning when I told him to get dressed because the bus would be here in 30 minutes. Priceless look on his face as he said, “WHAT? It’s a school day again?” Poor baby. He did great on day 2, also!

*Maybe my favorite ever Stuff Christians Like post.

*I could not be happier that Laura reminded me to go to those “rate the doctor” websites where you can tell people about your experiences with different doctors. And to balance out my horrible (but honest) critique of Matt’s heart cath doc, I wrote up nice ones for doctors we like.

7 responses to “Miscellany

  1. i’ve been wondering how b and luke thought of their new school!!!! *smile* poor bennett thinking school is part-time. i felt that way my first summer after finishing grad school—“what do you mean work is every day in the summer?!” that boy has my heart… and poor JH. croup just won’t give your family a break!
    and i LOVE that SCL post, too–i honestly had stopped reading them b/c i felt there was a long streak of so/so posts, but now i’m feeling motivated to read them again! thanks 🙂

  2. Thrilled to hear that both boys had good days at school!! Hilarious about Bennett not getting the everyday thing!

    JH’s croup: not so good. Hopefully short lived.

    Great SCL post! I try to catch up on them about once a week or so but sometimes really fall behind, so I’m always glad to be alerted to an especially good one.

  3. SCL: I LOVE the “trading the orchard for an apple” analogy!!
    And ugh, I feel for Bennett… poor guy.

  4. WOW! Good call on the warning that K is everyday. That would be a shocker!

  5. I’d not heard of that Rate-the-doctor site! I went right over there and left a rating for one of the scariest internists I’ve ever encountered. And lo and behold, I wasn’t the only one that thought so! :O

  6. Oh do tell on the rate the doctor websites? We despise our pediatrician but being in a “new” town makes it hard to find someone you like.

  7. I’ve used vitals.com and healthgrades.com, but there are a bunch more!

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