Finished Product: Desk and Basement Bathroom

Two more projects complete!! And one near completion that I’m really excited to share.

First up: the desk. We believe this desk came from my mom’s house growing up, but that cannot be confirmed. I’m going to go ahead and pretend that it’s a fact, because I love the idea of my kids doing homework at the desk that both their mom and grandma did their homework.

Of course, I didn’t think to take a picture of the desk until I’d half-disassembled it, but here is the before:

I sanded it somewhat to rough up the shiny white paint finish (and that paint was over a coat of I-don’t-know-what; it was a very strange surface. Probably filled with 50-year-old contaminants that I tried not to sand down.), cleaned it off and slicked it up with some dark brown paint, which you’ll see in several projects. One $35 can of paint = many, many DIYs completed.

Knobs: approximately $18 maybe? I can’t find the site I used to order them, but it’s the same place I got the kitchen knobs and the prices were much lower than local hardware stores.

Wall vinyl: Words Anywhere. About $20. We’re also going to add a wire to the wall to hang art projects on, so that they can stay out of the kitchen.

The desk is now in the corner of the playroom, which is right off the kitchen so that I can be accessible when the kids are doing homework.

I’m picking up a chair and hopefully a cushion at Ikea next weekend to go with it.


Onto the basement bathroom, which Robin painted right after we got the house with leftover paint from our old house, but I did nothing else with until recently.

I am using the towels/floor mat from the old house, because we hadn’t used them for very long, I still liked them a lot, and this is a basement bathroom we’re talking about.

After painting the cabinet (same brown paint as used above), replacing the pulls with a $10 Walmart set, and spray-painting the hinges brushed nickel, the main thing that I needed was something to go on the wall to cover up the 2 areas where the old towel bar was (yes. Towel bar in half bath.). I didn’t want to remove them because they’d leave such massive holes. I kept looking for two skinny pictures to hang next to each other, but everything I found cost more than I wanted to spend…keep in mind that I’d spent a whole $10 so far in this room.

And then I found these vinyl circles for $15 (minus my 20% off!) at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and I knew they’d be perfect! Matt’s mom was over last week and helped me put them on the wall. I’m glad there isn’t video of our efforts and skills with math and a level, but it turned out great!

Here’s the finished cabinet, too:

Next up: another bathroom!

9 responses to “Finished Product: Desk and Basement Bathroom

  1. Both look great!! The desk turned out great and love that it has history!!

  2. You do great work! I’ve been on the hunt for a good homework desk for a looong time.

  3. LOVE both of these projects. Love that one has meaning and you seriously might see those circles in our basement bathroom sometime šŸ™‚ Love em!

  4. Oooo. Those circles have a cool effect. I’m guessing boys’ bathroom next?

  5. Love your bathroom cabinet. We have a standard white cabinet/vanity and I would love to also paint an expresso brown. What type of paint did you use…that looks great! Thanks.

  6. Super cute! I’m painting some old tables to avoid buying new ones…for now…did you use a paint brush or a foam brush? I just primed them, now hoping that the paint makes a good change like yours!!

  7. WOW!!! Love the desk!! Those bathroom vinyls are pretty awesome too!

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