Color Blind, Part 2

Yes, I know, this isn’t the promised reunion post…hold your horses. I’m spending my days painting again.

After kindergarten was over, I posted some artwork of Luke’s that depicted him with rather, ahem, tan skin. You can take a look at that here…good stuff.

Fast-forward two years to Bennett as a kindergartener. Matt and I showed up to the school open house tonight, where we get a curriculum overview and a little taste of what their school day is like. And there’s this cute little packet on the table with Bennett’s artwork on the front, where he’s colored in an outline of a person to look like himself. Except, it looks like this:

I know, right? They seriously do NOT get that they are pale white kids. Because down the hall in second grade, there were a couple of self-portraits of Luke, and in one of them, he was pretty light, but in the other, he was dark.

What’s funny is that the boys’ school is full of all different nationalities, and Luke’s class alone is probably 40% non-Caucasian. I mean, they do lessons on embracing all colors of skin, etc. so it’s addressed. Can he really not see the difference?

It’s totally cracking me up.

8 responses to “Color Blind, Part 2

  1. I rarely literally LOL at a post, but this one did it!! And I just kept laughing when I clicked on the old link showing Luke’s renditions of himself (not only brown, but w/ glasses!) & you!! The fact that both L & B used relatively accurate hair colors makes this even funnier. This will make for some good laughs for them years from now! Best line: “They seriously do not get that they are pale white kids”!!!

  2. I love it! Norah is overly concerned with what color crayon to use on her skin. She actually holds up various crayons to her arm to get the best match – she does this every time. She also does this to me – as if my skin color might be that different from hers!!

  3. maybe it’s them with their summer tan:)

  4. Emma’s self-portrait last year (in kindergarten) had black hair and glasses! She has blonde hair and no glasses. πŸ™‚ She did a little better this year! Hope your boys are enjoying their new school!

  5. Cooper still colors himself blue, purple, green or even red…so I’m not there yet. But I would crack up too πŸ˜€ . Kids are so hilarious!

  6. Okay, so if you compare his skin to white paper, THAT’S not the same, so it wouldn’t make sense to just leave it plain. And many 24-count boxes of crayons don’t have ecru. Hence, the brown.

  7. Maybe it’s just because the “flesh colored” crayon (whatever it’s called) is just so LAME and NO FUN to color with because you can barely even tell where you’ve been!

  8. Laughing so dang hard!! So sweet. Love that their school has such diversity. We have to really work at it. Such a gift.

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