Thank God.

Honestly, if he hadn’t fallen asleep this afternoon, he was going to find out what a 5:30 bedtime felt like. And if this nap doesn’t help things, he still might.

the last time i was in his room before he fell asleep, his shirt was off...

Phew. 3 years old is right around the corner, and I’m afraid I don’t like the glimpse I’ve gotten today.

From the “3 Year Olds Are Funny When They Aren’t Driving You Crazy” files, I have this from yesterday: Jack Henry is starting to realize that my mom died. We’ve talked about it a little, but he’s still at that age where it’s hard for him to understand that HIS Nana was MY mom. Randomly yesterday, he just piped up with, “Your mom died. She’s in prison.” I was like, “Well, yes, my mom died, but she’s in heaven. Is that what you mean?” He laughed and said, “Oh yeah, heaven.”

I said a silent prayer that he doesn’t just blurt out that his Nana is in prison to a stranger in the checkout line somewhere, because he is totally that kid.

4 responses to “Thank God.

  1. That angelic little boy in bed??–Couldn’t possibly be a source of aggravation!

    I burst out laughing at the “dead Nana in prison” observation! That matter-of-fact way JH has of making a statement is just priceless.

    Hope post-nap time improved.

  2. i’ve had many, many of those days. i mean many, many, many.

  3. The prison line is awesome! Blake doesn’t really get the whole heaven things either, but once it told me, “When you are really, REALLY old you will die.” in a very serious tone. Then smiled & said, “So you can pway wiff Lori!”

    PS: I’m about to throttle my 9 yo this evening. Is 7:15 too early for him to go to bed?

  4. Oh! A laugh for the day I needed! Thanks, JH!

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