Freaky Friday

What things freak you out? Are there things on a “list” like I have? These aren’t things that truly terrify me to the point of not being able to cope, but things that I think about. Enjoy the weird.

1. If I’m pumping gas, I can almost guarantee that I’ll have thoughts about the place blowing up. Either because someone drives into one of the pumps (like I’ve seen on TV) or because someone is smoking a cigarette. Newsflash: cigarettes are on fire. Gasoline is explosive. Do the math.

2. I hate crossing big bridges. Strangely enough, little old rickety bridges don’t bother me; it’s crossing the Mississippi that I don’t like. That whole Minnesota bridge collapse didn’t help matters. I always picture the bridge collapsing and my car crashing into the water.

3. Permissive parenting. Scares the daylights out of me. Because those kids are someday going to be my kids’ classmates and coworkers.

What freaks you out?

18 responses to “Freaky Friday

  1. 1. I totally agree with you on #2. HATE crossing the big, long, bridges over huge bodies of water. HATE it.

    2. Permissive parenting? Don’t even like to think about it.

    3. I thought the skink was going to make this list 🙂

  2. If i come home to an empty house after dark – i have to call my mom or someone and then while on the phone making small talk – check under all beds and inside all closets and showers – and will now have to add the basement to my routine. I blame TV and the novels I read! 🙂

  3. 1. The westbound part of the Daniel Boone bridge. Hate it. Hate it even more after learning 3 years ago that it is the same type of bridge (as bridge categories go) as the Minneapolis I-35W bridge.

    2. Heights. This one might actually get put in the “makes me non-functional” category though. I can’t go higher than the 2nd step on a ladder.

  4. I can’t watch a plane overhead on a clear day w/o seeing the scene from LOST where the plane breaks in half.

  5. I too do not like to cross bridges of any sort. I always try to work out in my head the fastest way to get out of the car and get the kids out. Darren is on his own.
    I also wake up every night when Darren is supposed to get home from work and if he isn’t home, I call or text him to find out where he is. I worry about something happening to him and feel that if I am checking, it will prevent anything bad.

  6. i have no issue with bridges…crowded elevators on the other hand???…i have to go to my happy place on that one.

    also, storms in general do not bother me…windy storms, however, send me in to a tailspin. this gets blamed on 605 holiday drive when it’s windows all blew in (on my father) during a windy thunderstorm.

    and i generally have the feeling that someone has managed to sneak in to our house while we are away and is just waiting for the perfect time to strike.

    but i swear, i’m not a scaredy cat! 🙂

    • Jamie – you can call me while you check under your beds/in the closets/ and any other potential hiding spot for the bad people – but only if I can call you when i need to check! 🙂

  7. I am afraid of my husbands driving and spiders. Last week, a giant wolf spider was walking across my kitchen floor close to me…and I had bare feet. And as for Jeremy’s driving….well, let’s just say I’m so afraid that I won’t sleep in the car.

  8. The gas thing . . . every time I see someone talking on their cell phone while pumping gas, I think the same thing.

    And bridges aren’t a big deal for me . . . but TUNNELS! I can’t handle being stuck stand still under a bridge or in a tunnel. I need to be sedated to drive through the tunnel from Detroit to Windsor.

  9. I panic about my kids leaning too far over railings… like at the zoo, or at piers. I get flustered just thinking about it. I just FREAK OUT if they are even NEAR a railing.

    Watching my infant son hobble around coffee tables makes my stomach cringe.

    Or putting on shoes that may or may not have a spider inside.

    Erinn would like to add “losing a retainer over a storm drain”

    • OH! The spider in the shoe thing totally freaks me out…I ALWAYS shake out my “mowing shoes” before putting them on!

      It sounds like Erinn has a story to tell!

  10. Oh, bridges! Unless they are 2-3 car-lengths long, I don’t like them, at all.

    And kids on cliffs, ledges, etc – very bad as well. Also, being in super-crowded places with the kids: I’m always afraid we’ll get separated.

  11. I’m with Sara and Jamie. My HUGE fear is coming home to an empty house, or rather, a house that I hope is empty but possibly might not be. I frequently do the phone trick, but on occasion have gotten into the house okay and then later heard some strange noise, leaving me seemingly paralyzed. Bryan has seriously had to come home from a night shift to rescue me from my irrational fears.

  12. Balloons – freak … me … out. Everything about them. The popping sound while they get blown up, the popping sound when my son plays too rough, and the potential of one of my children inhaling said balloon and choking to death. I always try to bribe my son when we are offered free balloons with anything I can get my hands on. Gum, money, animal machine you can ride on, I’ve even one time promised him he could watch a whole movie after dinner when we got home.

  13. I’m soooo with you on bridges. I have to drive in the lane next to the median, not next to the water, or I freak out.

  14. I NEVER walk on the sewer grates on sidewalks. Thankfully, we don’t have those here, but when I lived in Chicago it was an issue.

  15. I have one thing that really freaks me out and that is bees. I am sooooo afraid of them! I don’t know why because I have never been stung. But, I see one and I just freak out! Pretty bad during the summer when there are lots of them! But, I have to say I do protect my girls from them. I do get brave and get the bee off of them if one lands on them. 🙂

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