A Poll.

Please vote in this poll…I have an idea for a post and I’d love your input first. If you’ve already put your kids through college, please mark what you did. Thanks!

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! It’s one of my very favorites of the whole year, and the weather could not be more gorgeous. Soaking up every minute of it.

11 responses to “A Poll.

  1. I think there needs to be a category for “undecided.”

  2. yep, undecided

  3. I simply love how you worded it.. How your KIDS will pay for college? I hate that we’re EXPECTED to foot the bill. If I am able I would be more than happy to pay for a child who takes education seriously. I don’t foresee being able to put 4 through at the same time, so I checked that we’d split it.

  4. This is a tough one because I think there are so many factors that make it different for each person. For example, since we only have 1 child it makes paying for college a bit less painful – if we had 3, I might have a different answer. And thanks to a nice employment benefit of mine, we won’t have to pay as much in tuition. I chose split because if she becomes a doctor or something that requires advanced degrees, she’ll have to help pick up some of the bill beyond her bachelor’s. Even though we’ll be footing the bill, she’ll still be expected to work because work experience has benefits beyond paying for college. Of course as I write this she is standing on the corner of the couch and love seat jumping face first into the cushions, so the above comments are on the assumption that she doesn’t fall and hit her head – oh, she just stopped, so I think she’ll be ok. Looking forward to your post 🙂

    • Kim, I’m cracking up at your description of Zoe 🙂

      And thanks for addressing the work having benefits beyond earning money thing! I’ll be bringing that up!

  5. Jill and Sara both went to Community C0llege for the first 2 years and then graduated from U of I. Jim and I paid for their books and their housing and they took out loans for the tuition and they worked on weekends and Summers. Kris got her degree at St. Mary of the Woods and did it thru the Women’s External Degree program. She worked on it while working full time and raising 3 kids and actually went thru her 4th pregnancy and remodeled a whole house while getting her degree. It took her 8 yrs., but by golly, she got it!!!!! Jill is now working on her Master’s while Managing 2 depts at ADM and raising 3 very active little boys. One of the advantages of getting a degree while working for a company, is that they usually help pay for part of the tuition. Some may not agree with me, but I really think that a parent is wrong to pay for all. My girls say that it sure would be nice to not have student loans, but they also say that they appreciate their education more because they were responsible for most of it.

  6. Very tough question! At the moment, the plan is to split the cost with the boys. This cost would include the necessities such as tuition, room & board, books, etc. However, fun money would need to come from their own pocket. When I graduated I had very little in student loans and so I did not start my adult life in debt.

    However, while the plan is to split it, I don’t believe that the split will be 50/50. I see how the boys’ dad worked 40 hours and went to school. While the potential for him having difficulty at school and not working was there, I see how he barely scraped by and now would have to retake classes because the grades simply weren’t there. Also, while he worked, he still graduated with at least 4 times the amount in student loans that I did. He also felt deprived that he didn’t get to live the student life and elected to live it later.

    My decision will most likely vary until the boys hit college. At this time I know they will not be paying 100% on their own so I am setting aside some funds each month to help them out. However, it is not enough that I will struggle either.

  7. Can’t wait to see this post, because this family (and by this family, I mean Kirk and I) disagree on this. His parents paid for it all. Mine was split. I’m for splitting the cost. My parents paid for our tuition and we were responsible for room and board. Now, I did get a tuition scholarship for playing tennis so I was giving the tuition amount to go towards room and board. I think that’s fair. We go back and forth on this topic all the time though so I’m interested to read your thoughts!

  8. This is an interesting topic. Hmmm…I need to chat with you about possibly posting this over at STL Family Life as well. Think about it. Great topic! My parents were able to totally pay for our education. They felt strongly that they didn’t want to saddle my brother and I with the stress of student loans. I’m grateful for that. They were also in the position to be able to do so. I pray Lee and I are, but if we’re not, I am not opposed to splitting the cost.

    However, I’m more of the mindset that I don’t want my kids stressing over jobs and work while trying to go to college. UNLESS – they get to college and are jacking around and not taking it seriously and can’t keep money in their wallets. In which case they’ll need to learn a little responsibility. That was the rule my parents had for us. If we took school seriously, got good grades, worked hard and were responsible, they provided what we needed. If we weren’t, a job was required to pay for fun. We always worked in the summers to earn play money for the school year as well.

    Phew…it’s a lot to think about. My stud husband received a full ride basketball scholarship so his parents didn’t have to pay a dime for his schooling. We’re putting serious pressure on our kids to get rockin’ scholarships. Kidding!

    Sort of…


  9. Student loans weren’t such a bad thing. They taught me about making monthly payments, and I was responsible enough to take out only what I needed, not enough to go nuts.
    Elena and Mark have savings accounts that will help them with some expenses, such as food and books. We’ll probably help out with the rest, and they may have some loans. In NM, we have lottery scholarships that kick in at 2nd semester. They’re both talking about out of state schools, so I’m really hoping scholarships will help out with that.

  10. Definitely split. That was what was provided for me and I found it to be perfect as far as being able learn responsibility, but not so stressful that I wasn’t able to enjoy my college life and do well in my classes. Of course, I did sell my plasma for money – so maybe the stress did mess with me a bit.

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