A Writing Follow-up

Earlier this summer, Bennett surprised me by writing the names of the Cardinals’ starting lineup. It was so cool to me because he had not much wanted to try to sound out words himself…he’s very much a perfectionist.

The first month of school has been great for him…he comes home every day with a huge smile on his face. He loves his teachers, seems to be playing with several different kids (though doesn’t necessarily call anyone a good friend yet), and is amazing me every day with the writing he’s bringing home.

We put up a wire on the playroom wall, above the desk, for the boys to hang up work that they think they did their best on. **Note: this is something important to me that I learned from my years of working with elementary school teachers (and not all of them “got it” but many did): not every kid is going to get a chance to hang up “A+” work, but every kid knows when they’ve made their best effort and can be proud of what they’ve done. So this wire will always hold work that the boys are most proud of! Teacher talk over.**

Here are some examples of his writing!

3 responses to “A Writing Follow-up

  1. This is just such a cool idea! I’ve loved seeing it the couple times I’ve been there since school started, and it’s one of the first things I’ll look at every time I visit!

  2. i am copying this idea for adali’s playroom…thank you very much. 🙂 great idea and adali will love it. granted, she isn’t in school yet but she loves to show off the projects we do.

    ps…i love looking at kids homework. bennett’s is no exception.

  3. Just before school we cleaned our line that’s in the playroom off and it’s already filling with work. Bennett does a GREAT job of writing! Holy cow! Progress!

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