Our Playroom Got a Tattoo

aka The Day Jack Henry Lost His Marker Privileges Until He Turns 14

It’s almost a victory that it took this long for the carpet to get purposely written on like this in the new house.

this is before i tried to scrub it out; it looks much better now, but the stain isn't gone. i'll keep working on it...

not wanting to glorify this behavior, i snapped a pic while he slept. he's also got a mark between his toes on the other foot.

6 responses to “Our Playroom Got a Tattoo

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry for the carpeting. And for JH’s restrictions. And for your cleanup frenzy!

  2. Groan! I’m glad that at least he took a nap that day–or he might not have survived! You wish you could crawl into their heads & hear what they think right before ((& during) these antics. (Did you catch this in progress, or was it later?)

    • I caught this much later…I’d already put him down for his nap and noticed the mark on his leg, but didn’t think much of it. And then I saw the carpet and knew right away who was guilty…

  3. Isn’t that the symbol that the artist formally known as Prince uses? Talented!

  4. Oh no! I’m a big fan of keeping the markers in our unfinished basement. I just asked on fb how to get dry erase marker stains out of clothes… my kids’ shirts are all stained since they use them in school now. Check out some of the responses… interesting.

  5. Hey, Nic – try Efferdent. (Spot test first!). 🙂

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