Finished Product: 2 Bathrooms

I can finally say that I am finished painting all of the bathrooms in our house! Yahoo! (Until I someday convince my husband that it is, in fact, time to get rid of the 20-year-old faucets and hideous countertops. Then we’ll start most of this alllll over again.)

First up: master bath. This was a minor change that required little work, but the end result made me happy! The bathroom had been painted a very light tan by the previous owners, but the coat of paint was shoddily applied, so I did a good thorough coat of that color all over the room, with the exception of this wall:

green. my favorite.

pardon the open linen closet door πŸ™‚

I LOVE the change in there. It feels so finished with pretty towels, a couple of pictures on the wall, and an accent wall.

Second: the boys’ bathroom. In here, I have a $1000 makeover in mind for someday (and it would look like I want it to look!). But for now, we changed out the light fixture and the towel bar/ring, added paint and a couple of details and called it a day for a cheap reno.

i love this shower curtain, and i'm SO glad that matt talked me into this blue wall!

close-up of my love note to them on the mirror!

i think these little guys make the room!

Etsy shoutouts:
“Wash your hands” sticker here.
Adorable robot stickers here (tons of colors and other cute stuff, too!).

10 responses to “Finished Product: 2 Bathrooms

  1. You KNOW I’m jealous of your master bathroom, and that doesn’t even count the big walk-in closet. It’s inconceivable to me to have a bathroom that more than 1 person can actually walk around in!
    I love the robot stickers!! That is just the perfect bathroom makeover for 3 boys!

  2. Both rooms are great!! LOVE the boys bathroom…cute cute robots and note!

  3. Love them both! But if I put that sign in my boys’ bathroom, they would skip washing, just for having been told. πŸ™‚

  4. they both turned out great!

  5. Looks great! I love how crazy you can get in kids’ bathrooms!

  6. I love the boys’ bathroom!!! I LOVE the blue color, the shower curtains. . . and the robots (is that what they are?) are my favorite. How fun! πŸ™‚

  7. They both look awesome!!

  8. wow! they both look great. it’s kind of fun to do little renos like this isn’t it?

  9. Love the boys’ bathroom! We have the same shower curtain, but it looks much cuter in your bathroom!

  10. LOVE both!!! Its perfection!

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