Tonight, we took the boys to their first high school football game, at the school they will someday attend. It was really fun, but it made me realize several things:

1. The last time I was at a high school game, I’m pretty sure that Bill Clinton was president and oversized clothing was in style. I can’t guarantee this, but it was probably 1994. I likely looked something like this.

giant hair? check. giant sweatshirt? check. sidenote: i found some AWESOME(ly embarrassing) pictures when i was looking through old albums tonight. i may have to post some in the future.

2. I’ve never actually watched a high school football game. My school didn’t have a football team, so I went occasionally to the other high school’s games, and it was strictly for the boys and meeting up with friends. High school football isn’t as interesting as college or pro.

3. We accidentally sat down in the student section because we got there early and no students were there yet. We moved over a section when we realized our mistake, but it led to me realizing that dang, we’re old. I wonder what high schoolers think of us…are we totally lame? I’m sure that the answer is yes.

4. Our kids are at a great age to do fun stuff like this. Jack Henry’s old enough to be entertained by the crowd, and save a trip to the bathroom that I would rather not have made, he did fine. Luke and Bennett aren’t old enough to think that hanging out with us on a Friday night is lame. I like this.

5. After watching the dance team at halftime, I desperately want to find the old VHS tapes of some of my pom squad performances. I loved being on the dance team, and I’m going to make Matt watch some with me. This will be good.

Here we are! Go team (they were losing at halftime when we left)!

this was the best of 4 tries. we have to do something about gum in the mouth.

at least if i'm old and lame, i'm old and lame with this guy. i like him.

6 responses to “Football!

  1. Kyle and I decided to adopt a team when we were out there. We, as fans, failed miserably at loyalty though. The first team was close in proximity but was picked based on mascot name alone. Turned out the Mustangs were…how do I say it…struggling at that time so we went took our (un)loyalty elsewhere and ended up just attending random games. We had a blast though! Sounds like you enjoyed yourselves as well 🙂

  2. Yeah! Adam loves going to the games! We sit at the FAR end of the bleachers and the “little” kids can play there if they don’t want to watch the game. We’ll be there on the 8th after the parade for Homecoming! And I do feel old when I go there too. When I was in high school, people in their 30s needed a cane to walk because they were so old. It makes me laugh now! Glad you all had fun! Maybe we’ll see you at one of them!

  3. Alex, Lucas, & I LOVE going to the HS games. Morgan & Blake on the other hand drive us nuts and are banned from going until further notice. This means I am usually the one to stay home with them. 😦 Ditto re: never watching games until now.

  4. For old time sake….you should do you hair like the first picture for the next game 🙂

  5. We live close enough to the high school to hear the football games and the band and it always bring back such fun memories. I’ve also made Aaron watch my pom/dance team videos. It’s been awhile though, maybe I should bring them out again!

    Cute header, by the way! Your boys are so cute!

  6. Awesome.

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