No real blogging today. I’m just having an all-around off week…it happens, you know?

I’m blaming Martha Stewart for putting me over the edge this morning. I watched FIVE MINUTES of the Today Show, where she was talking about how instead of ordering in, you can just make your own dinner. Like, instead of ordering in pizza (which she claims to have NEVER DONE), you just make your own tomato soup with a side of mozzarella and basil covered slices of toasted bread! In the time it takes a pizza to be delivered to you! And you can fake smile while you’re making it! And your kids will love it because it’s homemade and tastes just like pizza! Uuuuggghhh….

So. This isn’t a pity party. It’s just a note to say that I’ll be back, maybe later today. Our bedroom is finished and I have pictures to share.

5 responses to “crabby.

  1. Oh yes . . . I’m sure my one and three year old would much prefer tomato soup and mozzarella toast to pizza. And the clean up after feeding a one-year-old soup would be just as simple, no?

    Oh, and when should I do all of the stuff I would have done while waiting for the pizza to be delivered?

    She knows us so well.

  2. You will always be able to one-up Martha. YOU have never been to prison. See? Don’t you feel better?

  3. I’ve had a major crankypants week so far. I blame my employees. . .

    . . . but I’ll also take it out on Martha.

    I love cooking stuff on my own. . . but seriously, I get home between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. per night after 12 hours of work, and sometimes, the effort it takes to make a salad is too much for me. . . let alone making soup and such.

  4. I loathe that woman. And isn’t the whole point in ordering pizza that you have OTHER THINGS TO DO while you’re waiting for it to get here?

  5. I can’t stand Martha Stewart! I hope your day/week starts to get better. Just take JH somewhere and I’m sure he will say something funny to a checkout person. I love those stories about him.

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