Finished Product: Master and Guest Bedrooms

Phew. This day is not going as planned, but that is A-OK.


We had the master bedroom painted by a professional before we moved in. The ceilings are vaulted, and the brown paint that we decided to use only came in oil-based, and I don’t paint with that, so I’m really happy we made that decision. Over the course of the last several months I’ve gotten little things done here and there, and my uber-talented friend Heather made the curtains for me and we finally got them hung. I love how everything turned out.

Also, please note that I could have taken pictures after I picked up the room, but I did not. Keepin’ it real with pj pants on the floor, cups on the nightstand, and my ripped dress on the dresser.

LOVE the curtains!

and all of the orange accents.

close up of curtain fabric courtesy of jack henry. more on his mad photography skillz in a post near you.

Next up: guest room. This one might win my award for “Most Improved” over any other room in the house. You may remember that this was the duck room originally. Hideous. We’ll leave the description at that. It was a lot of work to prep these walls for paint after getting the wallpaper down; I didn’t scrub enough to remove the glue, and the residue reacted with the primer making it tacky and weird looking. TWO coats of primer and 2-3 coats of paint later, I was finished. I will probably still do curtains in here (I actually bought some that I think I like fine, but I don’t have a curtain rod yet) and find a couple of little accents but it’s done. Oh, and we need a fan in there, because goodness, it’s hot without a ceiling fan. But hooray! Guests don’t have to sleep on a mattress on the floor anymore.

I’d love these dandelion pictures for the wall, but even with 20% off at BB&B, they’re more than I want to spend on the guest bedroom. I’ll be watching like a hawk to see if they go on clearance.

the duck room before. this is the only picture i have of it, i think.

And the after:

nightstand: spray painted brown. lamp base: spray painted cream. i love reusing old stuff, especially when i get to spray paint it!

this is the rocking chair that we used for the boys when they were babies. i was ready to get rid of it, but surprisingly, matt wanted to keep it! so here it is!

the lamp i fell in love with at homegoods. boys’ old dresser.

i’m not joking when i say that i’ve had this frame for 12 years and never put anything in it until TODAY! i do NOT like to keep things that aren’t used, but for some reason, all of these years, i couldn’t part with it. i loved the funky shape. pictures are from laguna beach.

5 responses to “Finished Product: Master and Guest Bedrooms

  1. The rooms really, really look great–& even better in person! While neither Ron nor I minded sleeping on the mattresses on the floor, it was fun to have the room done the last time we stayed! (You’re right; the dandelion pictures would be perfect.) Good job on everything!

  2. Everything looks awesome! Those plaques would look awesome in there! I love that comforter too 🙂

  3. I don’t know how you do it. 6 years this November in our house and there are still so many things I look at and think “I meant to change that”. Bravo to you for getting projects done while you still have that “new house” energy. Me? I’ll be looking at that ugly light fixture in my 1/2 bath when I’m 60, I fear. 😉

  4. Awesome! The rooms look SO great!

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