The Great Thaw of 2010

This morning around 8:15, Matt hollered at me from the basement, telling me I needed to come down there.

Initial thought: this isn’t good.

I walked into our storage room, filled with dread, to find that the freezer door on our fridge/freezer was propped open. By 4 packages of Trader Joe’s pizza dough.

Rewind to yesterday at 3 pm, when I sent the two older boys downstairs with the dough and told them to put it in the freezer over the fridge (we also have a deep freeze). Which they did. But when it didn’t fit, they just set it in the doorway of the freezer and left it that way, causing everything inside to thaw.


We used this as a very expensive lesson about why the freezer MUST always stay closed. Thankfully, we kept our cool and just explained what happened. Luke was heartbroken; Bennett was sad, too, but didn’t react as strongly as Luke did.

I had to throw away so much food. It makes me sick to my stomach just to think about it. The only thing that was saved was some spaghetti sauce; it was at the back of the freezer and still so cold that I wasn’t worried about it. We also kept some loaves of bread that might only be good for toast after being frozen – thawed – frozen again. The rest went into the trash – probably $50 worth at least.

It just goes to show that you can’t possibly predict things when it comes to kids. I mean, who knew that you had to make sure to tell them to close the freezer door?

6 responses to “The Great Thaw of 2010

  1. At least it wasn’t you. or Matt. Alex did that when he got a bunch of deer meat. He thought it was shut but it wasn’t. I’ve done it before too. It is sickening.

  2. oh no – that stinks. i hate when we lose power for long amounts of time and i throw food away b/c i’m just not sure if it’s still ok.

  3. oh!!! I’m so sorry! That’s terrible. 😦 (shout out to trader joe’s…love that place! haha). the things kids do…my daughter recently swallowed a watch battery ( Crazy times. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I would have to puke, I think.

  5. Yeah, hearing Matt calling you downstairs w/ those words would have struck me w/ dread too! 😦

    Not good–but could have been something way worse, considering 3 little boys’ potential basement shenanigans! Still–bad.

  6. ugh…my stomach always sinks whenever i hear Jeremy say “are you kidding me?!” very loudly. it’s never a good thing. we recently had a giant costco-sized bottle of laundry detergent (liquid may i add) fall off the top of the dryer and explode as it hit the floor. we were already in bed when it happened. we heard a loud “thud” around 11:30 pm…it’s hard to clean soap up off the floor when you are half asleep…

    i feel ya babe…

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