Just some stuff I wanted to share!

*I love the blog “Church of No People.” Here’s a good one on why people blog. And another one about men and the church.

*Love this post at “We Are That Family” about the fight for dinner.

*Scary bounce house story here. I’m not one to say, after reading this, that all inflatables are evil (and even the mom that had this happen to her son said the same in the comments). But, knowing this story just means that I now know of a potential danger that I would never have realized before.

*I’m OBSESSED with this song. This band took the ick factor out of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” and turned into a love song instead of a song all about s e x. It’s amazing.

*Lots of new recipes at Three More Bites.  Also, you can subscribe there via email for updates if you’d like!

*Lastly, vote (it’s completely anonymous, so be honest): keep the hat or take it back?

my left eye-wink is getting worse with age, i think.

7 responses to “Links

  1. I have the exact same hat in brown and wear it all the time. It’s super cute with pig tails and I think your length of hair is perfect for them….Love it!

  2. Love, love, love this version of the song. I always thought it could be great. Thanks for sharing! I vote yes for the hat…. for you. I don’t think I could pull it off though.

  3. Have you seen the hat commercial for Target? “Am I a hat person?” Cut to this woman walking in an orchard and this hot man hands her an apple. “Is that my husband? Awesome.” Cracks me up. And you’re a hat person!

  4. i definitely voted to KEEP THE HAT! so cute!

  5. I love wearing hats, and that one is super cute! Don’t you dare take it back! 🙂

  6. I vote keep it, and tell me where you got it, because I need it!!!

  7. I like the hat, and those who voted to take it back are wrong. So there.

    I have to add the Church of No People to my list. Already have We Are That Family, but I hadn’t checked it for awhile–it’s always good.

    And now I’m so in the mood for apple-something!! Would it be wrong to make a caramel apple pie if we’re not even having company?

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