If You Have Boys, You’ll Understand.

Just a taste of what it’s like to live in a house chock full of boys, in case you don’t have one of your very own like I do.

I actually told them it was ok to do this. That this was the window I preferred be shot at. Because the other ugly little windows are over my new blinds, and I don’t want Nerf darts stuck in the blinds.

True story: these socks were worn INSIDE of shoes while playing in the dirt.

They catch a nap wherever they can…even if it’s in a girly room.

They joust.

They get bruises and scratches on their faces from playing racing games that involve a wagon and wrecking the wagon. At least that’s the best I can tell from their description of this game I didn’t see.

They clench Lightning McQueen in their fists while going to the dentist for the first time.

They give each other black eyes (Bennett gave me permission to share these after the black eye went away). It was totally an accident; Luke was pitching, a ball went way wide of where Matt could catch it, and it bounced up and hit him.

this was shortly after it happened.

trying to alleviate some of the pain...

this is probably 2 days later.

and probably 4-5 days after it happened. it lasted about 10 days total.

I also have a picture of a towering bowl of shredded wheat that Luke ate for breakfast today, but I’m too busy to get the picture off the camera and on the computer right now…but trust me, it was gigantic. Right now, I have to go put away the massive quantities of food I just bought, which will all be gone way too soon.

9 responses to “If You Have Boys, You’ll Understand.

  1. SO, how’s the skateboarding coming along?

  2. These are great!!! Love little snippets of “ordinary” life around your house!! The hand grabbing the Lightning McQueen car . . . my fav. Followed by the bag o’ peas shot!!

  3. who gets to climb the ladder to get the darts back down? πŸ™‚

  4. Poor Bennett that was a bruiser for sure! Makes me want to do a post about having girls. Love the darts on the window. πŸ™‚

  5. Whew…I’m glad you posted this. I can see my day coming now. Things like empty laundry baskets becoming race cars, banisters trying to become slides and all such things of this nature are beginning to happen around here now that Chase is almost 2. I can only imagine the things that are to come…but this is a pretty good start for my imagination! Thanks!

    The boys are too cute!

  6. The one of Bennett leaning forward and smiling totally reminds me of your mom! (minus the black eye). And, yes, I can relate!

  7. Ok you have my life! We use bags of corn not peas though πŸ˜‰

  8. Amen! I can totally relate. And I hear you with the food. Even Noah eats more than a grown person at times. My best friends growing up were 3 brothers, and I remember eating breakfast at their house in when we were in high school and watching them consume enormous bowls of cereal. I was amazed that anyone could eat that much. Now, my 4 year old consumes enormous bowls of cereal… I don’t even want to think about what it’s going to be like when they’re all in middle school & high school at the same time!

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