Sometimes, I Forget.

I forget that lots of people outside of my immediate family loved my mom, and still think of her, and miss her.

I got a sweet email today from a family friend of ours. She’s several years younger than I am (I used to babysit for her!) and now works in fundraising for the American Cancer Society in Champaign, and just had a billboard put up in C-U to help raise money. Her message to me included this:

I just wanted to show you the billboard and let you know that I included your Mom on it. Even though it is many miles away from where you are, I just wanted you to know we are all thinking of you and how amazing your Mom was!!

her name, arlene pals, is under the "remember who fought" side, about halfway down, on the right.

I’ve cried happy and sad tears for the last 30 minutes.

Thanks, Ashley.

14 responses to “Sometimes, I Forget.

  1. What a great tribute to your mom’s long fight….and to her family that fought along with her.

  2. Definitely brought tears to my eyes as well. Your Mom is/was an AMAZING person that I will never forget. I think about her TONS.

  3. What a nice gesture!! I still think of your mom often.

  4. that is amazing – what a great gift.

  5. Thats awesome.

  6. Your mom was so special. She is smiling down on all of you, I am sure.

  7. I see her name . . . on a list it should never have had to be on . . . and it makes me very sad & teary too. What a gift Ashley gave you by telling/showing you this! It’s a reminder that we have the ability to touch others in many ways and that kindnesses go on far past the moment.

  8. How great of her to take the time to show you this. And I think if you got a memo for every time your mom is thought of, you would be overwhelmed.

  9. How special and cool is that?

  10. A good friend in Rhode Island who reads your blog regularly emailed me this morning about this very special tribute. What a thoughtful thing to do. Yes, your mom, my sister, touched many, many people in very special ways. It still brings tears to my eyes, too. (not to say I don’t read you regularly but sometimes I just have to catch up.)

  11. How awesome is that! What a beautiful gift she gave you guys!

  12. I think of her often too! Many times when I see a kids picnic table in someone’s backyard….I think of her monster cookies, kool-aid and jj and zach in their undies playing baseball. That should make you smile :)… lucky you were to have such an amazing mom!!! Too many kids don’t get that blessing.

  13. How awesome. I totally agree with Jo.

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