First: Matt finally found the album of snapshots from my showers, rehearsal, and the wedding. However, the rehearsal pics aren’t great…nothing that interesting. Bummer.

Instead, I went through our proofs and pulled a few of my favorite shots from our wedding day. I am going to post some snapshots next week though, because I can’t help myself.


Also, I need your help with something. The other night we were somehow talking about February and how it’s pronounced (riveting, I know). I contend that while most people say “Feb-you-ary” the correct pronunciation is “Feb-ru-ary.” Matt contends that there may be other words in the English language with a silent R. Thoughts?


It just occurred to me that we should have planned to go to Eleven Eleven Mississippi for our 11th anniversary! But we’re not. We do have a fun date planned, though.

5 responses to “Eleven

  1. February/Febuary–LOL! I know the “correct” pronunciation is w/ both “r’s” but just had to google it anyway. There were actually a couple links about this. The more casual, typical pronunciation is mainly attributed to (1) our tendency to eliminate repetitive letters and (2) the fact that it follows “January” & just tends to be pronounced the same!

    Some people do the same thing w/ “library”–which drives me nuts!

    But more important: Happy Anniversary! Can’t wait to hear where you end up going tonight! It’s such a beautiful day here–actually, it’s going to get too hot for my October sensibilities!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Great pictures!! – Does anything beat Mitch the Music Machine?!?! (He just dj’ed a wedding we went to two weeks ago – and I am pretty sure he is still using the same jokes he uses at all of them!) 🙂

  3. Wow! 11 years! That is awesome! Congrats to the 2 of you and Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a very special day!! LOVE this pics!

  4. happy anniversary!!! i remember having so much fun at your wedding! you are a beautiful couple and a great model for a Christian marriage! can’t wait to hear where you’re headed!

  5. happy anniversary!

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