Party Like It’s 1999.

So, here we are present-day, ready to go out on our dinner date for our anniversary. We had dinner on The Hill at Cunetto’s, and then went to Bailey’s Chocolate Bar for what I hope is the first of many desserts there. Amazing. We split a Blondie. I highly recommend doing the same with the love of your life.

yay for trees starting to change!

As promised, candids from our wedding. Enjoy. And my apologies to any friends/family who wish that I hadn’t posted these.

6 responses to “Party Like It’s 1999.

  1. Great pictures!! I was a nervous wreck having to memorize the vows for our wedding too……

  2. Awww, this makes me wish I knew you back then!

  3. Beautiful memories! I am glad we could all be there for that memorable occasion. Happy anniversary!

  4. LOVE IT!!! You look beautiful! Glad you had a lovely anniversary!

  5. Wow! Amazing the growth and change!

  6. Such a FUN FUN night! I’ll always remember it. You both make a beautiful couple!!!

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