This is Just So Jack.

I’m currently painting his room – I can’t wait to share the results when I get it done! – and he keeps asking to help. I told him he could do a little bit of blue paint and then he needed to take a nap.

The following conversation occurred:

Jack Henry: “Mom, can I use the orange paintcone?”

Me: “We aren’t using orange paint.”

JH: “No, the orange PAINT-CONE.”

Me: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

JH: sighs. “You know, the orange paint-COMB?”

Me: “Wait…do you mean paintbrush?”

JH: laughs. “Yeah! PaintBRUSH!”

4 responses to “This is Just So Jack.

  1. Too hilarious!!!! Love his train of thought–and how you were able to decifer his meaning! (This actually sounded like something Bennett would have said when he was little!)

  2. I love that he laughs at himself at those moments. 🙂

  3. Comb, brush, you know…the orange hair utensil of any kind!

  4. That is too funny!!! I think he is trying to tell you your paint brushes are getting a little thin. 🙂

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