Happiness Is…

…listening to your 5-year-old cheer on your 3-year-old while he’s playing Mario Kart, and hollering in excitement when he gets his best-ever finish, 4th place.

…sending your 2nd grader out the door for school, wearing a button-down shirt that he picked out himself, all because he was excited about his first character council meeting (it’s a student council/community service group that he joined) and wanted to “dress up.” Adorable.

his teeth are coming in so fast that he no longer has a gap!

…feeling a cool breeze blow through the window, and not just in the evening!

…leaves changing colors. I just love this time of year.

…making a craft project that actually turns out cool. While this isn’t selling/give-as-a-gift quality, I’m happy with how it turned out.

note: if you come to our house, the doorknocker does not have our name on it. i'm not interested in replacing it with one with our name because i'm hoping for a new front door in the next couple of years. a girl can dream, right?

…Lofthouse cookies. I think there may be crack in them. Addictive. And have you seen the mini ones? So you feel less bad about eating more than one?

…a great phone conversation with my dad.

…Jack Henry sitting at his little table, practicing making the letter “J” over and over again. On paper, thankfully.

…hot chocolate or hot tea actually sounding good.

…selling junk treasures on ebay or craigslist.

…grass finally starting to grow in our yard!

…a sleeping child.

Add to the list!

7 responses to “Happiness Is…

  1. ….having your daughter get ready for school without one complaint or agrument about her clothes!! (this morning was that day – YEA!)

  2. – a lazy morning
    – pumpkin bread in the oven and it making the house smell WONDERFUL!
    – finding out it’s going to cost less than we thought to have the ceiling patches re-textured and painted! And not having to do it myself!

  3. . . . Anticipation! I’m looking forward to several fun things in the next 2 wks: having A, E, & C come this wkend; doing the annual Cousins’ Illini Football/Shopping Day in a week; getting together a couple days down near Marion (L. Arcadia) w/ my h.s. slumber party group at one of their cabins; & seeing your boys the end of the mo. in their Halloween costumes at school
    . . . being gone all day & coming home to see what progress the carpenter has made that day in Ron’s bathroom . ( I was gone all day yest. & subbed today & will tomorrow too, so it’s fun to come home to!)
    . . . totally yellowish-orange leaves on our big front tree–I don’t think I’ve ever seen it more beautiful than this year!

    I love your list–esp. Bennett & JH playing so well together, Luke’s excitement over his Character Council Mtg, & your new wreath!

  4. Watching all the students finally get on the bus after a day of subbing.

  5. …my whole fam on the couch on a cool evening watchin’ a show!

    The wreath is totally my style! Did you use hot glue? Because I made one for spring once with hot glue and then the storm door created a green house effect on and RE-heated the glue and as I pulled out of the driveway one day I noticed nothing but a stick wreath….and my dried flowers on the ground. Funny.

  6. Look is so cute!!! šŸ˜€

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